Pack of Compassion Award: NH 11-year-old opposing horse slaughter

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Sometimes, kids can show more intelligence, logic and compassion than some adults. This is the case for an New Hampshire 11-year-old, who is fighting the good fight against horse slaughter.

New reports Declan Gregg runs a blog, Children 4 Horses. He’s been to Washington, DC three times to voice his concerns and keeps track of related bills. He was named the Humane Kid of the Year in 2012, by the ASPCA.

Hopefully, his efforts and the work of others can lead to a full ban of horse slaughter and therefore block the opening of the proposed plant in New Mexico. He is also promoting the SAFE Act, to also protect food safety.

For his great mission in helping horses, Declan has earned the latest Pack of Compassion Award.


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Video: Climate 101 with Bill Nye

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Bill Nye the Science Guy explains science. Hopefully, the word and the science will spread.

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Some dog breeders file lawsuit to block regulations

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Apparently, some dog breeders do not want to engage in even minimal welfare standards for welfare practices. As the USDA proposed a move of covering commercial breeders who sell directly to the public under the Animal Welfare Act, some breeders made it clear they do not want to fall under these minimal standards.

They have filed a lawsuit to block expansion of the rules.

Other breeders already fall under the act. But the system needs a upgrade, as too few inspectors are on the job to enforce the regulations, as they they stand now.

In reality, breeders who refuse to house and care for animals under these current, less-than-stringent guidelines should not be allowed to operate at all. Those who refuse proper veterinary care and those who house their dogs or cats in tiny cages 24/7 and those who never allow their animals time for play or exercise or proper food and water should be shut down – today.

It is difficult to understand how anyone could suggest all breeders should NOT be covered under at lease these very minimum standards of care in the Animal Welfare Act. If we shut down the puppy mill operators for good, the costs of enforcing the act will go down. If we shut the puppy mills down and slap some real punishment for the offenders, the penalty will be too great and the risk will be too big for other puppy mill operators.

It is time to see real action against puppy mills.

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Happy Holidays from the Pack Mentality Blog

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2013-12-11 08.00.07


Warm wishes for the Holiday Season from all of the critters at the Pack Mentality Blog

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Video: Christmas House Set to Music

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This California home sets the standard for Christmas light shows.

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Video: Dog is rescued from icy waters

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Firefighters rescue a dog from icy waters. Great stuff.

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Another city considers ban on the sale of puppies in stores

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Hopefully, we are seeing a real movement here. The Arizona Daily Star reports the City of Tucson, Ariz. is considering a ban on the sale of puppies and kittens in retail outlets.

The ban is another effort to shut down the sale of puppy mill dogs. The ordinance would allow for the adoption of pets from shelters and rescue groups in stores. The article notes four stores in Tucson are currently selling puppies.

And it is reported that about 40 cities in the United States and Canada have enacted similar bans, since 2006. Let’s hope the pace quickens in a huge way in 2014. And as I suggested in a recent post, state legislatures could really make a difference with state-wide bans.

And the following news from the piece is very interesting:

A survey of 200 breed clubs associated with the American Kennel Club found 97 percent had practices against selling to retailers ….

I congratulate the two Arizona Daily Star writers who contributed, for engaging in some quality research.

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HSUS Video: Chimps rescued from lab now live in sancuary

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Thankfully, the chimpanzees featured here gone from a life of abuses to the safe haven of a special sanctuary.

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More cities – and states – should ban the sale of puppies and kittens in stores

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We’re seeing a bit of forward progress, where some cities at least are taking steps to ban the sale of dogs and cats in stores. It’s an important step that we need to see expanded into every region of the country. Pets should not be sold in stores, under the same process people might use to buy a TV or tablet device.

Adopting a pet should require an application process, to better ensure the person has thought through the decision and to offer some degree of assurance that the person will take care of the animal.

The very important ban in San Diego is being challenged. Thankfully, a judge ruled last week that the ban can remain in place until a court case reaches a conclusion.

In July, the City of San Diego banned the “retail sale dogs, cats and rabbits that came from for-profit animal breeders,” as reported by the Mission Times Courier.

The Associated Press reports the Phoenix City Council voted this week to ban stores from selling dogs and cats.

The risk that puppies and kittens sold in stores were bred in puppy mills is far too great.

I am a bit perplexed by the wording I’ve seen in some news stories, where it is suggested that with the bans, store can still “sell” homeless pets offered through rescue groups. The Associated Press article includes the following sentence:

The ordinance approved Wednesday bans shops from selling dogs or cats unless they’re rescues from a shelter or pound.

No, no, no. Legitimate rescue groups do not “sell” dogs and cats. They adopt these pets to new families or individuals, typically through application processes or interviews or even home visits.
U-T San Diego offered up the correct wording in an article posted December 16:
Those stores would still be able to offer adoptions of dogs, cats and rabbits in partnership with a shelter or rescue group akin to what Petco does.
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A little bit better sentence for dog fighting – but still far too short

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I was a bit surprised by the number of years in the sentence handed down this week for man found guilty of running a dog-fighting operation in Chester County, Pa. He was given 7-and-a-half to 15 years in state prison.

That’s more than abusers typically receive for this terrible crime, but it is still far short of what he should have received. reports the couple involved “treated their children like dogs and treated their dogs like no living creature should ever be treated.”

So how is it that someone engaged in cruel acts against kids and dogs and receive only 15 years – tops. And sadly, he will be released years before even the seven years are served, because some parole board will claim it’s too tough for him in a crowded prison.

Yet that same parole board will fail to note how horrible it was for the kids and dogs. The article explains:

Some were electrocuted, some were hanged and some were shot. One was left on the side of the road and burned to death in his cage.

And -

Police also found five malnourished children in the house, ages 3 to 15, who had been living in squalor.

It’s worth a life sentence – and no less. It is not safe for innocent people and for society as a whole to have someone like this ever freely walking the streets. How is it that our criminal justice system and our legislative bodies can’t seem to understand this? How is it that they refuse to protect the innocent?


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