Scab ripped off of West Virginia greyhound racing

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For a long, long time, any logical or moral defense of greyhound racing has been non-existent. And as more news comes pouring out of the industry – in the United States and overseas – the evidence that should lead to a complete shutdown of dog racing is abundantly clear.

The situation in West Virginia only adds to the evidence. Thanks to the work of GREY2K USA, a new report on dog racing in the state is getting out to the public. From 2008 through June of 2013, 289 greyhounds lost their lives due to injuries or other issues at two tracks. And of course, this does not account for the dogs who simply failed at racing. What happened to those who never made it to rescue groups?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which partially funded the reported, also deserves a ton of credit for exposing this industry for what it is.

Back on the two tracks, nearly 4,800 injuries were suffered from 2008 to June of this year. Over the five-and-a-half year span, over 1,400 greyhounds suffered injuries that ended their so-called “careers.”

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UNREAL: After two decades of violations, breeder applies for new license

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How any local or state government could ever even consider this one is beyond all reason or logic. A Pennsylvania dog breeder has applied for a new license to breed, after two decades of animal cruelty violations, as reported by the Philly Dawg blog on

The report indicates the breeder’s veterinarian was even a convicted animal abuser. The breeder repeated abused his dogs and then at one point turned in his license but kept selling puppies.

Incredibly, the Philly Dawg blog reports the director of the Dog Law Enforcement Office was about to grant this breeder another license, but is not reconsidering the move.

Another troubling aspect to the story -

Pechart says he is being pressured by Esh’s lawyer Jeffrey Conrad, of Clymer, Musser & Conrad (founding partner Leonard Brown is now a Lancaster County judge). a self-described defender of individuals charged with animal abuse.
There is a big red flag on this case. It is a no-brainer. The license should be denied, along with the enforcement of a lifetime ban on possessing animals.  When are we going to more examples of more communities and states really cracking down on puppy mills.?
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Another example of how limited bans don’t work with animal abusers

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A couple in Tennessee was arrested a second time this year on animal cruelty charges. They were charged with 134 counts back in February, as reported by

They took a plea deal that included turning over all of their animals and agreeing to not possess animals for one year. Someone negotiated a plea deal that included a mere one-year ban. How is this possible in 2013?

So what did the couple do? How serious did they consider the punishment? – It only took them a few months to get caught with animals again. This time it they were found at an area flea market with 29 chickens.

The article included this quote:

“I was just in shock,” said shelter manager Misti Coffey. “I couldn’t believe that he would go ahead and be so public about owning more animals again.”

I am not shocked at all. The message the couple received from their initial “punishment” was nothing more than a friendly pat on the back from the criminal justice system.

As is the case with too many criminal acts, the criminals believe the judicial system is a joke. A quick slap on the wrist and they are free to plan their next crime.


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Wacky Mentality Award: Judge G. Todd Baugh

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It’s a bit off the beaten path for this blog, but I have to award a Wacky Mentality Award to Montana Judge G. Todd Baugh.

He is the judge who sentenced a rapist to 30 days in prison for an act perpetrated against a 14-year-old girl. Baugh’s initial statement suggested the girl had as much control over the situation as the rapist. It is beyond belief that a judge, who should be on bench to protect the innocent, would make such an asinine statement.

And of course, handing down such as weak sentence is a slap in the face to victims of sexual violence everywhere.

But now, Baugh is backtracking and is calling for a new sentencing hearing. He suddenly suggests that state law requires a two-year mandatory minimum prison term in cases such as this.

So he’s a judge and didn’t know this during  the initial sentencing. Was he so quick to let the rapist off the hook with a slap on the wrist that he failed to look up basic sentencing guidelines? – Really? At least we might see justice better served in the coming days.

Our criminal justice system needs a big overall, with a mission to protect the innocent.


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Video: WWF series – Stop Wildlife Crime

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The World Wildlife Fund has launched a new, five-part web series called Stop Wildlife Crime. Episode 1 is – “It’s Dead Serious.”

The illegal wildlife trade is horrible – greed at its worst. For more details on the series, go to the WWF’s YouTube page.

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Two of our dogs face serious cancers

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Two of our rescue dogs were recently diagnosed with cancers. Chester, a basset hound who is about 12 or 13 years old, has mast cell tumors. Thelma Lou is around 8 years old and has a hemangiosarcoma on her side.

A couple of months ago, Chester had a mass removed from under his armpit. The mast cell tumor had cropped up very quickly. A few weeks later, we found smaller growths forming. It turns out they are more mast cells and the condition has spread to his spleen.

Thelma Lou was in great health, when we began to notice something strange about the area near the end of her rib cage on one side. Later, a test determined it most likely a hemangiosarcoma. The diagnosis was confirmed last week at a specialty hospital in North Carolina.

Sadly, both Chester and Thelma Lou, a terrier-beagle mix, may not be with us much longer. Thelma’s cancer has spread into her lungs.

Because we’ve adopted so many dogs and cats over many, many years – including the adoption of older dogs – this has happened far too often with our family. But having to face the loss of loved ones so frequently does not ease the heartache.


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Video: Walking Shark

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A walking bamboo shark was filmed off Indonesia.

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Puppy mill info out of Philly

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Two interesting links out of Philly cropped up on the Pack News Wire, concerning puppy mills.

A writer for went into a local pet store while researching information about sale of puppies. When she asked for information about breeders who supply to the store and identified herself journalist, she was escorted out.

And reports legislation is being introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature that would require stores to post information about the puppies background, breeder and health records.

It’s a decent step in the right direction. But the better option would be to completely ban the sale of dogs and cats in stores.


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ASPCA video from dog fighting rescue

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The ASPCA has released its video from the recent dog-fighting raid, where over 360 dogs were rescued from sites in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas.

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Puppy Mill News out of Iowa and SC

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There is a bit of good news out of Iowa, where a puppy mill breeder included on the Humane Society of the US’s Horrible Hundred list, is out of business. reports the breeder had “received numerous fines for violations ranging from neglect to failure to provide veterinary care.” But the bad news is that the breeder and the Iowa Department of Agriculture have reached a settlement agreement.

The breeder will pay one of the largest fines in state history – a $7,200 fine (that’s good). But she is only banned from holding a breeding license for three years – FOR ONLY THREE YEARS.

How anyone could justify this short ban, when a lifetime ban was clearly needed, is beyond reason.

In Anderson, SC, the county council is looking into new breeding regulations, in the wake of a recent puppy-mill bust, where 150 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill there.

One individual quoted in an article expressed concern that regulations on puppy mills will make it difficult for them to sell puppies to customers at a lower price. We know this is not true, as quality breeders prove they can offer humane care for their breeding dogs and sell to the public.

The alternative is to allow suffering because the breeders want a lower cost of operation. This is a completely unacceptable position to take.


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