Keystone XL Pipeline: The Risk on Video

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The group AllRiskNoReward produced this video concerning the Keystone XL Pipeline.

One question: Does the “XL” stand for Extra Large Spills?

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Video: Dog wants a kitten for a friend

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This video has an adoption message, which is the top reason to like it.

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Two articles – two typical quotes from industry insiders

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One of the common themes from Big Oil and industries that exploit animals are the typical quotes spewed by the insiders when the time comes to defend cases where animals are harmed or die.

After the recent rupture of Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline in Arkansas the company put out a written statement concerning the impact of the estimated 84,000 gallons of crude spilled into the area.

One sentence from the statement read -

“The majority of the impacted wildlife has been reptiles, primarily venomous snakes.”

This obviously is wrong, as the oil cannot pick and choose the animals it swamps – and the quote relates to the live animals found. And of course, the statement is meant as propaganda, as if no one would care if snakes were the primary victims. And what? – Were non-venomous snakes somehow spared?

In the UK, horse racing defenders are taking a page out of the greyhound racing industry. Prior to a horse dying after a Grand National race, a jockey was quoted by the Cambridge News as saying the race horses receive better treatment than “many children.”

Animal Aid reports the horse was the 23rd to die during the Grand National since 2000. In the Fox Hunters’ Chase, several horses reported pulled up or fell, described as being “potentially injured.”

So are “many children” forced to race in events such as this. And would a civilized society allow an event go on where 23 kids died over this same time frame, with many more injured?


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NC judge orders suspect to pay for dogs’ care in dog fighting case

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An individual accused of dog fighting has been ordered by a judge in Charlotte, NC to pay for the care of the 27 dogs seized judge in the case. Two men were charged back in February with training dogs to fight.

The expenses were set at $14,000 – as reported by WCNC. If he doesn’t pay in five days, he loses “ownership” of the dogs. So the bad news is, it sounds like he won’t be absolutely forced to pay.

The dogs will be evaluated for adoption. But the following from the article offers hope -

“It’s horrible,” said Shannon Corkwell, a supervisor with Animal Care and Control. “These are dogs that seek our attention. They want us to pet them, they want us to play with them — and somebody’s taken them for a blood sport for their own entertainment.”

Despite their terrible ordeal, these dogs can recognize that the people at the shelter are there to help them – not harm them.


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Breaking News meets Great News: NC anti-puppy mill bill introduced

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A press release this morning from the Humane Society of the US and the ASPCA reports a new bill has been introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly – to regulate dog breeding and crack down on puppy mills.

Thousands of dogs are suffering today and this suffering has gone on for decades in North Carolina puppy mills. It is long past time for this legislation to become law. Efforts to pass regulations on dog breeding have failed in years past in North Carolina.

I read over HB 930 and find it to be balanced and reasonable. There is nothing excessive or prohibitive for quality breeders. Quality breeders already provide at least the minimum standards of care outlined in this bill.

The bill will be attacked by some groups and individuals, as somehow a violation of property rights or an attack on breeders – or some other fictitious issue. All any reasonable person needs to do is read the bill.

Polls are showing an extremely high level of support from the citizens of North Carolina for regulations on dog breeding, to provide minimum standards of care. This is a clear case of where the will of the people and the welfare of animals should take precedence over the lobbying efforts of special interest groups.

This should be the year when animal welfare in the state of North Carolina steps into the 21st Century.

The full release:

“” “”

Animal Advocates Praise North Carolina Lawmakers for Introducing Bill to Crack Down on Puppy Mills

(April 12, 2013) — Animal welfare advocates including North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare, Susie’s Law, the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Humane Society of Charlotte, SPCA of Wake County, United Animal Coalition and The Humane Society of the United States applaud Rep. Jason Saine, R- 97, for introducing a bill to ensure that dogs are treated humanely in commercial breeding facilities.

HB 930 establishes commonsense standards of care that include: daily access to fresh food and water, appropriate veterinary care, and housing that protects dogs from the elements.

Continue reading Breaking News meets Great News: NC anti-puppy mill bill introduced →

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Aerial video of Exxon oil spill in Arkansas

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Once again, we have another environmental disaster. But Big Oil will mark it down as no big deal.

And at some point in the not too distant future, someone will appear on a cable news show to ask – “What spill? We never have spills.”

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NC bill would allow for immediate rescue of pets found locked in hot vehicles

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Amazingly enough in North Carolina, current law reportedly restricts the authority of even law enforcement officers from rescuing pets locked inside vehicles during a summer heat wave. I find this hard to fathom.

But an article posted Monday on the site states this. The article suggests law enforcement can only try to locate the owner of the vehicle – while the dog or cat continues to suffer and maybe dies. But now thankfully, a bill has been introduced to allow them to enter the vehicle after reasonable effort to find the owner.

North Carolina is my home state and there are a lot of highly debatable pieces of legislation under review this year. This bill however, should gain unanimous approval. I can’t see how anyone could be cold-hearted enough to vote against it.

The other thing is, how could anyone challenge the actions of an individual who saved an animal from suffering in this way – certainly if the weather conditions clearly warranted their actions? Would I be charged with a crime for breaking out a car window to save a baby near death in hot car? – No.

We really should not charge people with a crime for acts of compassion.


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What some people will do for profit is sometimes astounding

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From the just-when-you-thought-you-heard-it-all file, we have the following story. A company that reportedly uses 10,000 goats and 5,000 rabbits for harvesting their blood to sell the antibodies, is being accused of animal cruelty.

Numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act were found at Santa Cruz Biotechnology over several years, as reported in a Care2 article from Sunday. But very little was done to relieve the animals’ suffering, until recently, when a complaint was finally filed. But surprisingly, it is reported that the federal government does not rescue animals from cruelty in these cases or bar the offenders from keeping animals.

In the video report above, it is noted that a USDA inspector found a goat with a broken leg and when the inspector went back a month later, the goat was still there with the broken leg.

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Scientists rightfully categorize slaughter of the dolphins inTaiji, Japan as cruelty

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When it’s all said and done, logic matches up nicely with science. And this is the case with a scientific conclusion that the horrible torture that goes on during the killing of dolphins in Taiji, Japan is cruel.

The New York Times Dot Earth blog reported Sunday on a peer-reviewed study that suggests the

… killing method does not conform to the recognized requirement for “immediate insensibility” …

Of course this is true. Our common sense, logic and science tells us that the stabbing and cutting of conscious animals inflicts terrible physical and mental suffering.

This so-called hunt should be outlawed immediately. No civilized country or community of any kind could support this sort of animal cruelty.


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Supporters of ag-gag laws are not offering proposals to protect animals from abuse

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Undercover video in any number of cases of late has exposed animal cruelty on factory farms and in at least one case where horses were being trained. The response has been diverse – from one side being outraged to the other side attempting to cover up any future cases of abuse.

I’m not hearing suggestions from the other side – suggestions that might help animals and end these abuses. I’m not seeing outrage from that side of the room. They are not crying out for unannounced inspections from state and federal authorities.

So since we know the abuses are occurring, we must have some sort of undercover investigations and surprise inspections. The states that are banning undercover video by animal-welfare organizations, should be required to fund law enforcement undercover operations – on a regular basis.

But my fear is that these industries will pay off or buy influence over state and federal agencies – the way the oil and gas industries have influence over the regulatory system.

The Denver Post reports the American Legislative Exchange Council, described as “a business advocacy group with hundreds of state representatives from farm states as members,” is creating model bills, “drafted by lobbyists and lawmakers.”

One of its model bills is “The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act.” They want to tab the animal welfare organizations that trying to expose cruelty as terrorists.

We are losing influence to powerful entities – and within this trend, the environment and animals are suffering and human health is at risk.


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