We have a nominee for the Most Wildly Untrue Statement of the Year

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I run across so many of these, so I’m sure I would loose track over time, but let’s call statements like the following, the nominees for the Most Wildly Untrue Statements of the Year.

The National Post out of Canada reports Rick Bergman, the vice chair of the Canadian Pork Council, believes “using gestation crates are simply the most humane and efficient way to breed a sow.” It’s not a direct quote, but this is what the National Post says Bergman believes.

Why? – Factory farming insiders use excuses such as the weather is bad outside or the sows don’t get along or piglets are at risk without the gestation crates.

Do they realize pigs have been around for a long, long time – surviving without gestation crates? Do they realize wild pigs breed like crazy without any help from gestation crates? Do they realize farms existed before factory farming reared its ugly head?

But more to the point, gestation crates are extremely inhumane. Saying the Earth is at the center of the solar system, with the Sun revolving around us won’t make it true. Saying the Cleveland Browns have won six Super Bowls in a row won’t make it true.


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West Virginia Governor signs new breeding regulations into law

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West Virginia joins the ranks of states with dog-breeding regulations, as the effort to combat puppy mills grows. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin signed the breeding bill and and another piece of legislation that establishes the West Virginia Spay Neuter Assistance Program and Fund.

The North Country Gazette reports –

SB 437 requires anyone keeping more than 10 intact dogs for the purpose of breeding to provide each dog with solid flooring, protection from the elements, adequate lighting, food, water, veterinary care and sanitary conditions.

The new law also bans the practice of housing dogs in stacked crates and dictates that only licensed veterinarians should euthanize any of the breeder’s dogs. And the breeders will need certification from a veterinarian to breed each dog.


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And the bad news continues out of greyhound racing

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An appropriate headline ran this week on the Herald-Tribune website – “Death at the dog track.”

The editorial indicates a greyhound died from electrocution in February at the Sarasota Kennel Club in Florida and another dog died the month prior – possibly due to the same cause. The deaths come from contact with mechanical lures and/or their wiring.

The writer also states “serious muscle and bone injuries are not uncommon.”  And the writer wraps up the piece, noting dog racing is a dying industry, with the following –

Which dog will be the last to die in a show that nobody’s watching?

It’s a very important question.


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More evidence that the Pope was right about greed

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When the Pope tweeted this week about the profit-at-all-costs mentality that is prevalent in the world today, he got a bit of push-back from one side and a good bit of support from those actually aware of what greed is doing to the US and beyond.

It just so happens there are facts to back up the Pope’s position. Take a look at the article posted Tuesday on Huffington Post, under the headline – “CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio Ballooned 1,000 Percent Since 1950: Report.”

Bloomberg found Fortune 500 CEOs are raking in 204 times what the average employee earns in pay. The article notes the ratio was 120-to-1 in 2000, 42-to-1 in 1980 and 20-to-1 in 1950.

And this reflects only CEO pay. I wonder where the numbers are for others in the top one percent or so. I am in NO WAY suggesting everyone at the top of the scale in this country is greedy or that they all are bad people. I’m not saying that. But it is clear that we have a major problem. A greedy segment of society is sucking the life out of the economy. The pie is only so big and when a few take a massive bite out of the pie, it bites into what is left for the rest. This is clearly damaging to the economy.

When the middle class and lower-income families have less – basically the bulk of the country – then they buy less. With our consumer-based economy, this means a slower trend and less hiring. The economy falters or treads water. When the middle class and lower-income families have more jobs and/or better-paying jobs and buying power, sales rise, more hiring kicks in and all boats rise.

Consumers are THE job-creators. The Greedy are the job-eaters. The Pope got it right.


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Pope Francis Tweets against greed

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Pope Francis Tweeted a great Tweet on Thursday.

My thoughts turn to all who are unemployed, often as a result of a self-centred mindset bent on profit at any cost.

—  @Pontifex

That “self-centred mindset bent on profit at any cost” can relate to the unemployed and to those who exploit animals. But whatever the specific issue at hand, the message is one that focuses on greed.

But the response to the Tweet by European Central Bank president Mario Draghi  – as reported by NBC News – doubles down on the topic – from the greedy side. “We are…frustrated, yes certainly,” – Draghi said.

So the Pope rightfully points out that elements of the world’s economy operate on a profit-at-any-cost mentality, and this person is frustrated that someone pointed it out. Really?


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Important study links child abuse with animal cruelty

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An important study has been reviewed in an article on the KJCT8.com website, a study that relates to the relationship between those who abuse kids with those who engage in acts of animal cruelty.

A study by researchers Deviney, Dickert, and Lockwood indicates 88 percent of cases of animal cruelty are found in homes where children have faced abuse. And the article also cites a study showing 71 percent of battered women have reported a family pet was also “threatened, hurt or killed.”

We’ve seen other studies that show abusers often move from abusing animals to abusing family members or other people and too often threats to pets or other family members are used to hold someone hostage to the relationship.

It is another reason why cases of animal abuse should be taken VERY seriously.



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Really unfortunate wording in greyhound racing article

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We all know what happens to too many racing greyhounds at the end of the racing days. We’ve read past news stories of dogs being shot or others being found with missing ears or missing heads.

So when I read an article about a greyhound puppy auction – yes a puppy auction – in Australia, I found one choice of words really a bit disturbing.

“A total of 304 pups have been catalogued to go under the hammer … “

Just a really bad choice of words.


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Today Show reports on AKC and puppy mills

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This one is huge. We are seeing more media coverage on puppy mills, but the national media needs to step up to the plate. The Today Show’s Jeff Rossen is one of the best right now at exposing all sorts of important news – all sorts of important wrongs.

Early today, his Rossen Reports segment focused on the American Kennel Club and how puppy mill breeders are being uncovered, who are AKC registered and inspected.

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During an interview, HSUS president Wayne Pacelle called an AKC registration, “Really just a piece of paper without any practical value to dog welfare.”

Rossen interviewed an AKC representative who said she does not know how many breeders are registered with the AKC. She couldn’t answer a question about the percentage of breeders who are inspected each year. She claims the AKC has conducted 55,000 inspections since the year 2000. That’s about 350 inspections per month for 13 years – with nine inspectors total for the entire country. Using the current claims and numbers, that comes to about 38 inspections per inspector per month.

So rounding down, that’s about one inspection per day, every day for nine inspectors.
The AKC promotes its inspection system as great. But the AKC is inspecting breeders who have a vested interest in not being shut down by the very organization the registration money for its puppies goes to.

And Rossen also notes animal-welfare groups’ concerns about the AKC’s effort to stop new breeding regulations from being enacted. The AKC does not want a system of inspections and it now continues go after legislation that limits the regulations to breeders with a minimum number of breeding dogs.
But these minimum numbers placed in the bills and laws are typically included by compromise, due to the concerns of others who oppose breeding regulations. So this argument is a catch-22 from the AKC.

Sure, animal lovers would love for the regulations to cover all breeders. But for example, the effort in North Carolina is a compromise measure. We have to take what we can get and we can’t NOT protect dogs in breeding operations with 10 or more females merely due to number crunching.
We need to protect as many dogs as possible as soon as possible.

This is why I am supporting the NC bill.

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Pack of Compassion Award: Carrie Underwood

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Singer Carrie Underwood gets a Pack of Compassion Award for speaking out against Ag-Gag laws. But after she did so, Tennessee politician Andy Holt suggested she should “stick to singing.”

Perhaps Holt should stick to twiddling his thumbs, as his actions are indicative of someone who knows absolutely nothing about animal welfare. But still, he told WSMV the Ag-Gag bill he supports is in the best interest of the animals. In reality, the legislation is designed to shut down undercover videos that expose animal cruelty.

We need a greater focus on science education, throughout our education system. And I’d like to see citizenship and compassion get some classroom time. Maybe we can see more kids become elected officials later in life, who have a better background in these studies.


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