News pace beginning to pick up on Florida greyhound racing decoupling bill

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The momentum seems to be building for the Florida decoupling bill that would remove the requirement for tracks in the state to hold a minimum number of races each year.

In this video posted with a story on, two fantastic heroes for greyhounds, Sen. Maria Sachs (D-30/Delray Beach) Rep. Dana Young (R-57/Tampa) speak in favor of the bipartisan bills they are sponsoring in both state houses.

Many of the track owners and operators are for the bill, because dog racing has become such a drain and such a losing industry. The “racinos” would just like to offer other gambling options and drop the races.

Animal lovers and advocates are of course for this bill because it could very well either greatly reduce or eventually bring to a close dog racing in the state. I’m hoping this happens and I’m hoping it will begin a domino effect for the scattering of tracks in a few other states.

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Pack Line Headlines: Factory farming, greyhound racing, Texas wild burro slaughter

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Was NC turkey farm forewarned of raid?: ABC News is reporting that officials at a Butterball Turkey farm might have been tipped off that a recent raid on its facility was forthcoming.

The raid on the farm came in response to a A Mercy for Animals undercover video showing turkeys being abused and severely neglected.

The Hoke County D.A.’s office is alleging someone at the N.C. Department of Agriculture contacted a veterinarian employed by Butterball and “informed him she had heard there was an investigation into a Butterball farm in Hoke County.”

The ABC News piece includes this quote -

“It is deeply troubling,” said Nathan Runkle, executive director of Mercy for Animals, “that a governmental agency that is entrusted with monitoring and overseeing agriculture and food production is so corrupt that it’s in bed with the very corporate interests that were documented abusing and neglecting animals. The fox apparently is guarding the henhouse.”

Two bills in Florida might hold key to ending greyhound suffering in the state: SB 382 and HB 641 are ever so slowly meandering through the maze of the Florida state legislature. If the bills pass in both Houses and the measure is signed by the governor, the state requirement for greyhound tracks to hold a minimum number of races (currently a high number) each year will be dropped.

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Pack Line Headlines: Puppy mills and pet stores

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LA pet store switches to hosting adoption events: KABC TV pulled a fail on the headline for this story on its website – “Retail store switches to selling shelter dogs” – but the story is a good one.

Barkworks in the Westside Pavilion will stop selling puppies and become an adoption center. Rescue groups don’t “sell” dogs – they adopt them out.

$1,200 puppy stolen from Maryland pet store: Okay, the message from LA apparently hasn’t reached everyone in the retail community. reports a two-month-old puppy priced at $1,200 was shoplifted from a Just Puppies store in Rockville, Md.

There are at least two huge WRONGS in this story. First – the robbery itself is terrible. But why would anyone pay $1,200 for a dog when so many are homeless? And if the store was prepared to sell a puppy at about 8 weeks old, does it sell puppies younger than this.

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Dog intervenes to save woman being beaten by her boyfriend

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Last year, when a woman in Kansas City, Mo. was being beaten with a hammer by her boyfriend, her Great Dane came to her defense. The dog absorbed several blows after laying across her body. Reports state the boyfriend then threw them both out of a second-story window. reports the dog’s injuries included a broken hip, ribs and other broken bones.

The woman later called a local domestic violence shelter, but the initially facility would not allow the dog to stay there. She refused to leave her dog and the shelter made an exception to allow the two of them to stay there.

The Rose Brooks Center is now working on the addition of 25 beds to a pet-friendly wing of the shelter. It is a great decision, because as the article notes, many abused women will not leave an abuses spouse or boyfriend for fear he will harm a pet.

So the Great Dane and the Rose Brooks Center get Pack of Justice and Pack of Compassion awards.

Report on Romney driving his dog on top of his car is spreading like fleas

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I will start this post with my typical disclaimer that comes before edging across the line into politics, whenever politicians step over the line into environmental or animal-welfare subjects. I’ve slammed politicians on both sides and in the middle when their decisions or actions affect animals.

Unfortunately, there are politicians who are far from being animal friendly in both major political parties.

Today, it’s Mitt Romney and the story about his terrible decision a number of years back to put his dog in a crate on the roof his car for a 12-hour trip from Massachusetts to Canada. The dog reportedly grew sick and defecated in the crate. Romney’s son saw the brown material running down a window.

Turns out, what he did was most-likely against state law in Massachusetts and could have led to animal-cruelty charges.

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Pack Line Headlines: Puppy mill rescue, animal welfare, exposing factory farming, homelessness

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Dozen of dogs removed from puppy mill: A customer reported an online breeder in Illinois which led to the pulling of 12 of the 41 dogs there on Monday.

The Aledo Times Record reports all of them had ear infection, some had periodontal disease two of suffered from rotting skin. Hopefully, we will continue to see more breeders like this uncovered.

Restaurant owner starts animal-welfare organization: The owner of two restaurants (that I would certainly have on my favorites list if I lived in the area) has founded Uniting to Save Animals (U2SA). The organization helps low-income residents in funding the cost of spaying and neutering their pets and promotes adoption from local shelters and rescue organizations in Maryland.

States trying to criminalizing whistle-blowers who expose animal cruelty on factory farms: out of Florida is rightfully going after the state legislatures that are trying to pass bills that would criminalize undercover video, audio or photos that expose animal cruelty on factory farms.

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Skechers getting heat for proposed Super Bowl TV ad featuring greyhound racing

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What the sock is the company that makes Skechers shoes thinking? It has produced a TV ad, set to run during the Super Bowl, at Tucson Greyhound Park in Arizona. Talk about clueless – or should we say ‘sole-less’ in this case?

The bad decision has prompted a online petition that at last report had nearly 50,000 signatures and the news is spreading all over the Web.


“Skechers should not be partnering with Tucson Greyhound Park, which has an extensive record of cruelty,” said GREY2K USA President and General Counsel Christine Dorchak, who started the campaign on “Tucson Greyhound Park is perhaps the most infamous dog track in the country, and multiple cases of neglect occurred only weeks prior to the shoot. We are hopeful that the company will hear our concerns, realize its mistake, and withdraw this misguided promotion of dog racing.”

The Paw Print Post blog on notes the original idea was to use Kim Kardashian in the ad, but she was replaced by the dog-racing theme. So Kardashian was too controversial so you switched to something far more controversial? Huh??

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This story proves pets are family members and “worth” more than mere possessions

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Earlier today, I blogged about a Texas appeals-court ruling, giving pets greater legal standing than physical possessions. The story below, about a dog saving his guardian’s life, offers a good bit of proof that the Texas court’s ruling is proper, moral, compassionate and legal.

Our pets are part of the family. And the great part about this story, it also backs up the claim I and so many others have made so many times – rescued pets are the greatest. out of Indianapolis reports just before Christmas John Green was having a heart attack and was not able to alert his sleeping father in an another room. His dog Queen Sheba realized something was wrong, went into the father’s room and licked his face to wake him up.

Green was transported to the hospital just in time to save his life.

The family adopted Queen Sheba in September from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Maybe we can say they’re even. They saved each other lives.

Animals are so much more than some in our society want to give them credit for. People who are out to exploit animals refuse to understand this. Let’s give the Texas 2nd Court of Appeals a Pack of Justice Award.

State appeals court in Texas rules pets are worth more than their property value

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Word is spreading about a ruling back in November by a Texas appeals court, concerning the legal standing of pets, as more than property.

The ruling centers on a lawsuit filed because a family dog was euthanized at a city shelter. The dog went missing during a thunderstorm and picked up by an animal-control officer. Before the family could return to the shelter with the cash to pull him, he was euthanized.

The appeals court has ruled pets have sentimental value, beyond their value as a piece of property.

A Star-Telegram article included this statement from the court – “” “Dogs are unconditionally devoted to their owners,” says the ruling from the Texas 2nd Court of Appeals. “We interpret timeworn Supreme Court law … to acknowledge that the special value of ‘man’s best friend’ should be protected.” “”

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Video: Dog rescued by kayaker on the Gulf of Mexico

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ABC News reports a man in a kayak rescued a dog in the Gulf of Mexico. His guardian, who was jogging with her dog near the shoreline, was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver.

It is believed that the dog was so traumatized by the experience that he ran from the scene and ended up in the water.