GREY2K USA report offers more evidence of suffering in greyhound racing

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GREY2K reports between January and July of 2011, at least 20 racing greyhounds were killed in Florida, 10 at Ebro Greyhound Park.

And the organization’s report included this – “Greyhound racing is a dying industry. Since 2004, tax revenue from live dog racing has declined by 72 percent and paid attendance dropped 69 percent.”

According to the Sunshine State News, “Two bills — House Bill 641 and Senate Bill 382 — would free the tracks from having to offer dog racing as a condition of maintaining their gaming licenses.” – The clock ran out on similar legislation in the last session of the Florida state legislature.

Hopefully, representatives on both sides will finally pass this legislation in sweeping numbers, as it is a bipartisan effort and is supported by both animal-welfare groups and track/casino operators in the state. Florida has 13 tracks, by far the most of any state. If these facilities could drop racing – when the state mandate ends – it could mean the door could finally be slammed shut on greyhound racing.

State Sen. Maria Sachs is sponsoring SB 382 and is sponsoring HB 641.

Also from the Sunshine State News story -

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Grey2K’s report offers an eye-opening and stomach-churning glimpse into the condition of Florida’s dog-racing industry. Among its findings:

  • “As many as 8,000 greyhounds … are kept in small, stacked cages for 20 to 23 hours per day. Larger dogs cannot stand erect in cages.”
  • State records show greyhounds suffer deadly injuries while racing. Recently reported injuries include multiple broken legs, an electrocution and a crushed skull.
  • State regulators documented greyhounds being killed because they were no longer profitable.
  • Greyhounds have repeatedly tested positive for drugs, including cocaine, while others are not properly vaccinated.
  • Of 689 kennel inspection forms examined by GREY2K USA, 127 forms listed conditions as “poor.”

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AM Pack Line Headlines: Fracking, horse slaughter, factory farming, etc

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ONE – The EPA has released a report stating the polluted groundwater in a Wyoming town is caused by chemicals used in the fracking process, in drilling for natural gas.

From the NBC article – “” Doug Hock, a spokesman for EnCana Corp., which owns rights to the Pavillion-area field, slammed the draft report. “The synthetic chemicals could just have easily come from contamination when the EPA did their sampling, or from how they constructed their monitoring wells.” “”

That’s good enough for a Pack of Putrid Punditry Award. Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla) also earns the award for being more concerned with the gas companies than the health of the people who live in the area. He claims the report is premature and not based on sound science. He calls it part of “Obama’s war on fossil fuels,” forgetting that Obama has opened up new areas for oil drilling, which puts more wildlife at risk. Not really a position taken by someone looking for a war on fossil fuels.

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Dog survives blast at family home

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A dog somehow survived an explosion and fire at the family’s home.

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Horse slaughter – an unnecessary evil

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It’s a little dated (from Nov. 30), but in case you missed it, I’ve got a link here to a Washington Times story about the new legislation that will open the door for horse-slaughter facilities to return to the US.

It’s a win for GREED and a step back for animal welfare. Again, the argument for bringing horse slaughter back seems to focus on two areas – A) It is better than shipping them off to foreign countries and B) so many horses are being abandoned and are suffering because of this.

On the surface, the two arguments seem to have a noble origin. But both are focusing on the symptom of a problem, rather than the cure. If there are so many horses who are being abandoned or are no longer wanted each year, then it tells us there are too many being bred to start with.

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Video: More information about how Purebred Breeders operates

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The HSUS has a new video out concerning Purebred Breeders, the company facing a lawsuit over the condition of the puppies it sells over the internet. The HSUS reports the company runs about 600 websites to sell puppies, as if these were individual operations.

Education and strong legislation will be the keys to turning this tide of online sales. No one should be buying puppies or kittens without visiting the kennels for a full tour of their facilities. There is too much of a danger that the dogs are coming from puppy mills.

But of course, on the education side, it means EVERYONE spreading the word that the THE best option for families everywhere is to adopt a homeless pet. Adopted dogs and cats make THE GREATEST PETS – period.

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Lawsuit filed against national online puppy seller

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A group of consumers has filed a lawsuit Purebred Breeders, described by NBC Miami as “believed to be America’s largest online dog seller,” for allegedly selling puppy mill puppies.

The Today Show also reported on this story Wednesday morning.

From the NBC Miami story – “Scores of angry customers nationwide believe the puppies they bought online quickly became sick upon arrival — and sometimes died — because they came from puppy mills, …

And this important news – “Purebred Breeders is little more than a telephone call center in a non-descript business park off Flamingo Road. But its hundreds and hundreds of websites often make it appear like a local dog breeder.”

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Video: Dog rescues kittens trapped in bag on a road

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A dog in Iowa discovered a bag on a roadway, already run over by cars but containing two kittens that were still alive.

So who is a more advanced form of life – the person who sealed the kittens in the bag and dropped them on the street to die or the dog who rescued the survivors? In this story and in other similar cases, the animal is the far more intelligent and humane being.



Monday Commentary: Congress, Obama bring horse slaughter back to US

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I was so stunned by this news that I waited to comment it on. I wanted to read a little more about the legislation that might very well bring horse slaughterhouses back to the US – and take in some opposing views on the subject.

Congress passed an Agriculture spending bill last month which included a provision to lift a ban on slaughterhouse inspections. With no slaughterhouse inspections in place, the facilities were not allowed to operate here. President Obama signed the bill – capping an odd sort of bipartisanship that is a step backward for animal welfare.

One side is claiming slaughtering horses here is better than slaughtering horses outside of our boarders – in countries such as Mexico and Canada where the process involves practices we might not allow here. So marginally less suffering is better? In a narrow scope, yes. But I say no suffering is better, where if horses must be euthanized it is by injection.

Of course, slaughterhouses won’t use injections because the chemical “spoils” the meat. I don’t see news outlets putting this aspect of the story out there.

Others talk about the suffering of abandoned horses and note the current state of the economy and the drought in some areas of the country is making it harder for some people to keep their horses. It is a sad and troubling situation where so many horses are suffering. But why in the case of animals – for wildlife and pets – is it that killing seems so often to rise to the top as the No. 1 option?

It is incredibly sad. We destroy wildlife habitat in an area and when the deer come into backyards to find food, it’s time to kill them. Too many horses – then lets go with a method to lets folks make money off the situation by killing them.

So instead of helping the horses, our government takes the cruel and harsh route – by opening up more killing fields. Forget that horses are highly intelligent beings. Forget that horses have a keen state of consciousness and self-awareness. Forget even the fact that horses hold a special place in American history. There’s a problem and the only solution some so-called intelligent people can come up with is to offer another option to slaughter more of them and make it easier to do so.

And in an era when science is opening more windows to our knowledge about the capacity for suffering for animals, some elected officials opt for the cruel solution. In an era when we should be moving forward with more humane laws, with a push for more compassion in legislation, a group of elected officials take us a huge step back.

The congressmen and senators who voted for this bill and the President should be ashamed for passing it into law.

Hell, we’ve got animal-welfare groups exposing cruel acts on factory farms as you read this blog post. Pigs and chickens and cows are suffering through insanely cruel and unnecessary acts within our boarders today. Do we really think horses will have it any better because the agriculture department will occasionally come in for an inspection?

Even when factory farms are found to be in violation of animal-welfare laws, little is done to punish the offenders. If a slaughterhouse is hit with repeated violations, will it be shut down? Probably not.

When it comes to animal-welfare, the track record is very poor. We need to vastly improve animal-welfare laws on factory farms and breeding kennels across the board before we even consider adding to the number of animals being sent to slaughter.

And lastly, I’ll leave everyone with this thought:

Let’s put the issue into one sentence, as it might be stated by the people who support this new legislation. “Horse slaughter in the US will be more humane.” In reality, it’s called “slaughter” for a reason. And they are called “slaughterhouses” for a reason. These are terms that are very difficult to spin as humane.

PM Pack Line Headlines: animal cruelty, puppy mills, PTSD in dogs

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ONE – This week, 62 dogs were seized from the home of a prominent American Kennel Club show judge in Kings County, Wash. ABC News reports 15 of the dogs had to be euthanized due to the severity of their illnesses.

The ABC News piece reports the dogs “were living in small kennels, stacked up on top of one another, and filled with feces and urine.” Official charges could be imposed on Margie Hamilton soon.

TWO – The ASPCA is once again urging people to NOT shop at pet stores or on websites that sell puppies. It the organizatio’s “No Pet Store Puppies” campaign.

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Animation: Duck hunter shot by his dog

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Next Media produced this animated reenactment of a duck hunter being accidentally shot by his dog.