Wacky Quote of the Week: by Canadian Fisheries Minister, in reference to the seal hunt

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Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea is upset that animal-welfare advocates are road-blocking the trade of seal meat with China. She is highly offended that people are actually against the brutal beating or shooting deaths of a massive number of baby seals.

Shea is offended that anyone would try to stop people from torturing seals. I wonder what her opinion of dog fighting is?

And there was this trade agreement with China, to send seal meat there. Europe already shut down the trade for these cruelty-based “products.” Now, China is reviewing the matter, according to the Canadian Press.

So get this: The Canadian Press quoted Shea as saying – “We have to keep telling the world that this is a sustainable hunt. It’s a humane hunt.”

“It’s a humane hunt.” Can she possibly believe this? No one with a sliver of education in science – or biology at least – could believe this. Nothing about the annual Canadian seal hunt is humane. The Canadian Press reports the quota for seal killing has been set at 400,000.

But I get it. Shea wants to defend the industry. But that one sentence wipes her credibility completely off the chart.


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IFAW to stay away from the horrible spring seal hunt in Canada

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare has decided to not attend the spring seal hunt in Canada, to avoid confrontations with hunters on the Atlantic sea ice.

This is a brutal practice and one fueled by GREED, as a lot of the torturing of animals is fueled by GREED. But the IFAW has decided to focus its efforts this year on politicians, in the movement to ban the seal hunt.

The IFAW is calling the annual beating death of seals for their fur – “obsolete” in a CBC News article. The Canadian Fisheries Minister’s office sent an email to the CBC, stating the government…

“… supports the sustainable and well-managed seal harvest, which continues to be an economic and cultural activity in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic.”

Humane Society International will reportedly have observers out by mid-April.

The European Union has banned the sale of seal products, but the governments of Canada and Norway are challenging the ban. So these two governments want to force other countries to allow particular products through their boarders. It’s a boldly asinine stand.

A Herald News article uses the term “dying” to describe the Canadian seal hunts. The story also reports a bill to shut down the seal hunt did not make it off the Canadian Senate floor in February.

But there is a bit of better news in the text –

The hunt has dwindled by about 90 per cent since 2004. Only one-tenth of the annual harp seal quota of 400,000 is now harvested.

CTV News also covered the news.

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