Derby Lane and Orange Park – Florida’s top two death-trap tracks for greyhounds

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The pro-dog racing folks will try to compare the number of total races to the death toll at Florida’s Derby Lane and Orange Park, Kennel Club, in an effort to claim that the killings are minimal. For these people, 48 dogs dying in the final seven months of 201, at only two tracks,  is no big deal.

For these people, it’s just part of the costs of doing business, like the leftover bread a restaurant tosses out each night. If your average family was putting their pets at risk to this degree every day, law enforcement officials would rightfully investigate.

But the greyhound racing industry gets a free pass by a few remaining states like Florida, Iowa and West Virginia, for example. And it’s not merely looking the other way for these states. To date, the state legislatures are requiring the existence of this carnage.

Thankfully, a vast majority of states long ago banned greyhound racing. While my home state of North Carolina has some real faults, I’m really proud to say dog racing was banned here decades ago.

(I just wish we could make as much progress against puppy mills.)

But now, Florida tracks are at least required to report deaths and will hopefully soon be required to report injuries. It’s one of the worst nightmares for those who still support greyhound racing. The last thing they wanted to do was let the general public learn more about what is going on behind the curtains.

The industry is already reeling from the increased level of awareness within the general population. A vast majority of people don’t want to support industries such as this.

The Florida Times-Union attempted to interview two organizations concerning the latest kill numbers out of the two tracks, but no one would respond. I wonder why?

Carey Theil, executive director of GREY2K USA, was quoted in the article as noting the 12 dog tracks in Florida lose $40 million per year. So the state of Florida is propping up an industry that regularly kills dogs and drops tens of millions every year.

I’d like to ask any of the elected officials there who are blocking efforts to drop dog racing to justify why they support this industry. Of course, they can’t. There are no justifications for supporting a horrible industry such as this.

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