Another horse racing scandal – as the industry again does PED damage-control

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It is 2015 and for many, many years animal-welfare advocates have been calling for an end to horse racing – or at minimum the end to the abuses in horse racing.

And yet we continue to see stories like the one that flashed across the Pack News Wire today. The Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) has called for new regulations on the use of Cobalt throughout racing across the globe.

An article on notes the substance is used to enhance performance, but can damage the thyroid gland and can be toxic to the horse’s heart.

But Cobalt is used anyway by at least some strainers.

Hell – the lure is so strong to win at all costs that human athletes are risking their lives with PEDs. Is it so hard to understand how humans with dollar signs flashing over they heads can so easily inject animals with PEDs?

These people will always try to find ways to slip around the rules. They need that money on that wall; they want that money on that wall.

The use of animal in gambling operations must be banned immediately. The profit motives will always be too strong and in the case of racing, the dogs and horses will continue to suffer. Just over the last couple of months, we’ve seen the results.

If we don’t ban animal racing, we will continue to read articles like this one and stories with topics far worse for many years to come. The racing industries will just continue to claim they are working on the next scandal – on rinse-repeat – over and over again.

It’s been that way for decades and our elected officials just keep looking the other way. After all, if it’s about money, it’s an excuse for anything. If only we had more elected officials with backbones. But right now, that goal is far in the distance.

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Fallout continues from live baiting scandal in Australian greyhound racing

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From a key sponsor in Australia pulling out to officials cleaning out their offices, the backlash from the live baiting scandal is hitting the greyhound racing industry. The question is – will the right thing happen and will the fallout lead to the complete crumbing of the industry, into the dustbin of history.

The Greyhound Racing NSW board has stepped down, according to the Northern Star. I’m sure these resignations are more about appearances than they are about truly recognizing how horrible these acts really are.

Clearly, one of the individuals at the forefront of the response now to this story does not understand what is really going on.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing Troy Grant was quoted in the Northern Star piece as saying:

“The review will develop a new model of governance to ensure the integrity of the industry and the abhorrent practice of live baiting is stamped out for good.”

No Mr. Grant; it’s too little too late. You don’t get the keep giving this industry a get-out-of-jail-free card. What happens when the next report splashes across the headlines? You will march out with another plan to save the industry?

How about saving the dogs for once? How about addressing the ongoing deaths and injuries in this industry?

And what about the news now that whistle blowers in Australia were being intimidated and threatened, as reported on the Stuff website out of New Zealand.

ABC News ran this paragraph Feb. xx:

NSW Racing Minister Troy Grant said he dismissed the board because his government wanted to restore the integrity of the industry.

If this wasn’t such a serious story, that line would be comical. It’s hard to restore something that never existed.

New South Wales Greens MP John Kaye wants to suspend industry operations while the review is underway.

The Independent out of the UK notes the animal racing carnage in Australia is not limited to dog racing. Approximately 125 racehorses die on Australian tracks every year.

And about that major sponsor of dog racing pulling the plug – it is Macro Meats. A Herald Sun story suggests this company is the “biggest individual supporter” of the industry in Australia.

Hopefully, many more sponsors will follow.

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