PackCheck.What? – What we don’t know about seismic testing?

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The Pack Mentality version of those fact-checking sites will offer a different, sometimes animal-related take on the wacky things people come up with – from politics to animal welfare to the environment other subjects.

First up is an article out of North Carolina, where a meeting of local officials and citizens was held recently to discuss the issue of seismic testing for oil beneath the ocean floor, off the NC coast.

Bruce Tackett was there to represent Resource Access International and American Petroleum Institute.

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Another dumb idea: Shark Culling

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It seems any time a problem arises where animals are involved, all some people can come up for a solution involves killing the animals.

It’s simplistic. It takes very little thought, or little more than a tree stump can develop. And of course, for those who enjoy killing things as a pastime, it’s right up their alley.

It’s happening in Hawaii and Australia, where recent shark attacks have government officials turning to mass killing. God forbid any drownings might occur in these regions, or officials will call for the oceans to be drained.

Of course, everyone who enters the Earth’s oceans knows about the risks involved.

An editorial posted on The Conversation website offers some important information, including the following:

So often the argument in favour of a cull comes down to the emotional question of who is more important: a human or a shark. Rather, we need to ask the question, will culling sharks actually reduce the risk of an attack?

The answer is no. In fact, when shark culling was carried out in Hawaii, between 1959 to 1976, over 4,500 sharks were killed and yet there was no significant decrease in the number of shark bites recorded.


PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion - teamed with Science and Logic