A couple of positives reported for Ohio’s new anti-puppy mill law

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WTRF.com reported today that January 1 is opening day for Ohio’s new anti-puppy mill law.

Breeders that sell 60 or more puppies each year will be required to submit photos of their kennels to the state. State officials will also inspect each facility at least one time per year.

And the article notes the Department of Agriculture has reported 100 breeders have started the license-application process.

Hopefully, the state will maintain a focus on these regulations and hopefully officials will stick to the inspection process and shut down the breeders who are not following the guidelines.

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Ohio close to passing new animal-cruelty law

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The Ohio House voted Wednesday to approve new legislation to increase the penalty for acts of animal cruelty, specifically making the act of “abusing or torturing a pet to death” a felony – as reported by Cleveland.com. The measure will now move to the State Senate before hopefully being signed into law by the governor.

Those guilty of the fifth-degree felony could get six months to one year in jail.

I wish the penalty involved a longer sentence. And in reading over the text of the HB274, it seems a ban on possessing animals can be left up to the court:

The court also may prohibit or place limitations on the person’s ability to own or care for any companion animals for a specified or indefinite period of time.

It should be a lifetime ban for anyone who abuses or tortures an animal.

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