Why is the Canadian government becoming increasingly anti-animals?

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I recall reading about a recent poll that indicated the Canadian people have a high level of concern for animal welfare. But if this is the case, why is the Canadian government turning – at a seemingly increased level – against animal welfare.

I posted Sunday about the Canadian fisheries division’s outspoken support for beating seal pups to death. Now, a new proposal is in the works to silence animal-welfare charities from speaking out against acts of cruelty, if they want to keep their charitable status.

Care2 is highlighting the issue

“” Proposed regulations put forward by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), The Promotion of Animal Welfare and Charitable Registration, could prevent animal welfare organizations from speaking about such causes, or anything that’s not already illegal, if they want to be a charity. “”

So the Canada Revenue Agency wants to stifle debate concerning acts of cruelty by businesses or corporations. Isn’t this the bottom line? This agency joins the population segment that believes anything goes where big profits are the golden idol.

Care2 also notes – “” Draft regulations state that “Promoting the welfare of animals is only charitable when it results in a benefit to humans. Purposes that benefit animals, but not humans, are not charitable.” “”

And the text includes this statement – “To be charitable, the benefit to humans must always take precedence over any benefit to animals. If a purpose or activity that promotes the welfare of animals harms humans, or has a real potential to cause significant harm to humans, it is likely not charitable.”

So if dog-fighting were legal in Canada, the folks supporting this measure would not want charities speaking out against it. Unbelievable.