Plea bargain in Maine animal-cruelty case is troubling

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I wrote recently about a animal-cruelty case in Maine, where a couple accused of animal cruelty will have their record wiped clean if they don’t break the law for 17 months. It is an unbelievably light punishment when we look deeper into the case.

The Bangor Daily News did just that in a story posted Friday on its website.

First the details on the plea bargain, where the couple pleaded guilty to just five counts of animal cruelty. From the story – “” In exchange they would complete 30 hours of community service each, and if they can go 17 months without getting caught for breaking the law, all the charges, even the five they pleaded to, will be dropped. “”

That’s the deal – where ALL CHARGES could be dropped.

Now let’s look at the reported details –

– 250 sick dogs found on the property – some with eroded jaw bones, untreated broken legs and intestinal parasites.

– Described as being the “biggest case of animal cruelty the state had ever investigated.”

– The costs to the state of Maine totaled “about $450,000 for care of the animals and the 100 or so puppies that were born from the pregnant moms.”

Despite all of these facts, the Bangor Daily News reports – “On Thursday, (District Attorney Kathryn) Slattery issued a written press release in which she stated that she felt the penalties against Heidi and John Fracas were substantial.”

Really? The penalties were substantial? With a mentality of scale like that I think the district should cut Slattery’s pay to $2 per hour and tell her that amount is substantial for the job she’s doing.

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  1. This should be offensive not only to ‘animal lovers’ as the Bangor Daily News suggests, but to ANY law-abiding citizen who values justice in our society. What a ridiculous, inadequate ‘penalty’for John and Heidi Frasca for their depravity! It is very disturbing to know that people like this walk among us.

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