Dead sea turtles washing ashore in Mississippi

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Rocky Kistner of the NRDC produced an article on reporting on a troubling trend. Sea turtles and other marine animals are being found washed ashore on the beaches of coastal Mississippi at an alarming rate.

Thirty-eight dead or stranded sea turtles have been discovered thus far this year in Mississippi and 134 dolphins have been found stranded along the Gulf Coast so far in 2011.

The National Marine Fisheries Service seems to be suggesting several possible causes, including infectious disease, water temperature changes, biotoxins or the impacts from the BP Oil gusher.

The testing results of the testing on the dead sea turtles might not be released for some time. But come on. Kistner is reporting that longtime residents of Mississippi are saying they’ve never seen anything like this. We have to put the BP Oil Gusher at the top of the list of suspects.

The article includes this from a concerned resident – “I’m really mad. I’m finding dead turtles, birds, giant fish and other animals all over the beach. No one comes by to clean them up right away and people come down here and let their kids play next to them. And the water looks like chicken broth.”

I’m sure the federal government and BP wants to wash this news out with the oily tide, but it needs to be reported, beyond the Huffington Post and into all national media outlets.