Producer of puppy mill documentary challenges Whoopi Goldberg and The View crew to watch it

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Jene Nelson, the producer/director of “I Breathe” is inviting Whoopi Goldberg and rest of the “The View” team to watch the documentary about the horrors of puppy mills.

Back on March 18, Goldberg defended her so-called “right” to shop for puppies at pet stores, despite the fact that doing so actually supports puppy mills.

From a press release posted on – “” The documentary will open your eyes to the need for public awareness and make you question why domestic animals are treated as commodities. “”

And –

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I Breathe chronicles what is involved on a rescue mission and profiles some of the dogs that are on their way to a new life. The documentary takes you inside a commercial dog breeding kennel and top professionals in the industry attend an unprecedented meeting to discuss why there is so much secrecy and a reluctance to talk to the media. Additional elements include:

· Dog auctions and perspective regarding why they exist
· Undercover video of a big money-making kennel
· An interview with the breeders of “Bo Obama” and their views on dog breeding
· Mike Arms, president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, tells his compelling story of why he devoted his life to saving animals
· A grim, yet necessary segment on the consequences of irresponsible owners and overcrowded shelters
· The celebration of dogs that now have new lives

Ms. Nelson contacted The View via email and offered to send a copy of I Breathe for Ms. Goldberg and producers of the show to watch. She has yet to be contacted by The View but is hopeful the powers that be will consider the offer and respond.

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Clips from “I Breathe” are available at

3 thoughts on “Producer of puppy mill documentary challenges Whoopi Goldberg and The View crew to watch it

  1. Great story! No surprise on Whoopi since she also defended Vick’s right to fight pitbulls and Polanski’s right to “molest” children. I would LOVE to start a boycott Whoopie push (she’s still in commercials, etc.). Wish I would have known about this documentary, I intended to do a similar one but got inundated after rescuing fourteen dogs (at the same time) from a miller who was going out of business. I have one of my rescue babies (who is now my furbaby) on my lap right now. I got her out when she was ten. Her tummy had to be repaired because she was bred so much. The vet gave her one year to live. She is now 17. I snuck an audio recorder into one of the auctions and recorded the millers saying interesting things to me and to the crowd in general. They accepted me as one of them.

  2. You people in the USA who do so much to rescue these beautiful creatures are wonderful! Whoopi Goldberg – I think everyone here doesn’t know about what she stand for here – but I am certainly going to spread it around – disgusting! We have puppy farms here and we keep petitioning – so far not much luck but water will wear down a stone in the end – unfortunately, there are a lot of breathing living creatures who are suffering in the meanwhile. Keep up the good work – from the UK.

  3. Thank you Candra for caring and rescuing. And thank you Glenys for also caring and for offering your thoughts from across the big pond.
    We’re all in this together – in this effort to spread compassion for animals. We’ve got to use a pack mentality of compassion.

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