Stronger animal-welfare regulations to be adopted in BC, after sled-dog massacre

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In the dark shadow of the massacre of 100 sled dogs in BC, Canada, new regulations are set to be enacted in the region. New penalties will include fines from $10,000 to $75,000 and from six months to two years in prison.

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“” Other recommendations included forming a regulatory authority that would create standards of care for sled-dog operators in B.C., including how dogs are euthanized, as well as requiring an annual inspection by the SPCA or veterinarians. “”

But I agree with Vancouver Humane Society executive director Debra Probert, who pointed out the regulations fall short, in not addressing tethering and enforcement. Too often, sled dogs live on the end of a short chain. People with little actual knowledge of animal welfare and behavior will certainly try to claim the dogs love being tied to a post at end of a 5-foot chain.

The article also suggests the people in the “sled-dog industry” are backing tougher regulations. I wonder if this includes the sled-dog racing industry? These dogs put their lives on the line to support the industry, which compares to greyhound racing in many ways.