Florida Senate passes greyhound racing decoupling bill

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Removing the state’s requirement that greyhound racing exist took another giant leap forward in Florida Friday, when the Senate voted 25-14 to pass HB1145 (Senate Bill 1594).

There was one modification to the house bill concerning taxes that means the bill will need to go back to the House for a final vote. From there, it’s on to the governor’s desk. From what I’ve read thus far, it sounds like the change is minor and will not impact the primary status or mission of the legislation.

If the casinos have the option to drop greyhound racing, which has been a money drain on the facilities for some time, we could see a good number of the 13 tracks in Florida close down.

PostOnPolitics.com seems to offers a prediction on number of tracks that will remain should the governor sign the bill into law.

“” Only three of the state’s existing 16 dog tracks, including PBKC, are expected to continue to keep running the dogs if the bill becomes law. “” (PBKC is the Palm Beach Kennel Club.)

There always seems to be a variance on the number of active tracks in Florida. But if only three greyhound tracks are left in by far the biggest racing state, that would be a huge step in the right direction. Of course, the primary goal is ending the suffering for all greyhounds that are forced to race.

I don’t know what Post On Politics is basing this prediction on, but hope it’s correct. In fact, I hope it’s an understatement and they all shut down for good.

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