Deforestation in the Amazon increasing at alarming rate

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This an extremely important story that will sadly get little attention in the cloud that is the national media. A significant increase in the level of deforestation is being witnessed in the Amazon rainforests in Brazil – as reported on the Huffington Post website.

Some Brazilian farmers are calling for a weakening of environmental laws in the region to allow for more deforestation. The cost of allow this to happen and allowing for any more deforestation of rainforest anywhere is tremendously huge.

I can’t come up with a strong enough phrase to describe how catastrophic this is. The rainforest are vital for wildlife habitat and for the overall health of the planet.

We all would be far better off if governments in these regions would pay the farmers a healthy sum of money for the land – enough to support their families for some time. Certainly in the long run, in economic, environmental terms and in terms of protecting habitat, the cost of purchasing the land in this way will be far less than allowing what is happening now to go on.

One thought on “Deforestation in the Amazon increasing at alarming rate

  1. What can one say about the media these days. They seem to settle on one or two stories and worry them to death and fail to cover anything else. We all know, or should, how dangerous it is for the entire planet to deforest the Amazon. Here it is 2011 and STILL it is threatened. Greed seems to be the rule these days and totally our

    of control. Greed in every aspect of our lives.

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