Illinois man accused of beating his dog seeks to have charges dropped

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The Chicago Tribune reports an Illinois man is seeking to have charges dropped that he beat his dog with a wooden object, despite the evidence and an eyewitness in the case.

The accused also has a previous conviction for killing a dog in the 1990s by dragging it behind his car.

The evidence in the recent case includes the discovery of a broom handle and a chair leg with blood on it and the condition of the dog – who was found by police “with injuries to its mouth and a facial fracture …”

The Tribune story also notes the witness reportedly “saw him swinging a club-like object in a downward fashion over and over again, and that whenever Rinn swung the object down, the witness heard the sound of a dog loudly crying.”

Despite all of this, the Tribune reports the accused wants the charges dropped because he claims the police illegally searched his home – and he had only yelled at the dog.

I guess the dog ran into a door or something?