Pack of News for June 4, 2011

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A Pennsylvania man has been charged with drugging a dog at an American Kennel Club show last December, to give his girlfriend’s dog better odds of winning the event.

The accused is denying the allegations and his attorney is quoted by the Chicago Sun Times as saying – “It’s a very highly competitive world. Emotions were flying high that day.”

An anti-raccoon rally – yes I typed “anti-raccoon rally” – was scheduled for today in a Toronto, Canada neighborhood. The event was planned in response to the arrest of a man for beating a group of baby raccoons with a shovel on Wednesday.

So instead of holding a rally against animal cruelty, some people – according to the story posted on the National Post website – planned a rally against the raccoons.

It seems there’s a problem with the little critters, who actually have to go to the bathroom somewhere and are a bother for some people’s yards. In reality, it’s most likely as it is in too many areas of North America, where the raccoon’s natural habitat has been mowed down and their natural predators wiped out. So these folks want to blame the victim – the raccoon.

Thankfully, there does seem to be some people in the area who are outraged at the cruelty inflicted on the baby raccoons.

A Staten Island man has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals after beating and chocking his wife’s Jack Russell Terrier to death in the couple’s apartment. Why did he allegedly attack the dog? – It went to the bathroom on the floor.

Are humans really the superior species?