Pack of News for June 5, 2011

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Getting late and I want keep up the streak of posting every day. So let’s go with another edition of Pack of News –

An Texas breeder accused of running a puppy mill is crying foul – even after a witness reported the condition of the dogs at the site – and 61 dogs were seized from the facility and the breeder agreed to turn over ownership of the dogs to the SPCA of Texas and to pay restitution.

Rescue groups in the state of Wisconsin are preparing for a possible wave of dogs turned over by breeders, since the state’s new anti-puppy regulation became the law of the land. reports the law establishes licensing and inspections for breeding facilities. It went into effect on June 1.

Maine’s state House has defeated a bill to develop an animal abuse registry, citing the cost.
The Maine Public Broadcasting Network reportsconvicted offenders would have their names, aliases, and photos placed in a public, searchable database.” Other regions of the country have adopted this system, but for now, it looks like it won’t happen anytime soon in Maine.