Video Trailer: “The Last Mountain”

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The Appalachian Mountains are being literally blown up to get to the coal under the surface. An important documentary film brings to light the horrible practice of mountaintop mining – “The Last Mountain.”

Robert Kennedy, Jr. has joined in the effort to try to stop the coal companies from destroying the environment, along with the communities around these mountains. The public health, the region’s wildlife, the water and the future are all a stake.

Does anyone involved in this understand how devastating this is to wildlife, some being blown up along with the trees and soil? Do they care that families are facing health problems?

Kennedy notes Massey Coal has 60,000 violations, as the state and federal governments turn a blind eye to it. The media will spend weeks at a time on Charlie Sheen or some other idiotic story, while real issues such as the destruction of the Appalachian Mountains is almost totally ignored.

This story should be on the nightly news every night. Why is it being ignored? Why are national news outlets across the board ignoring it?

In one clip from the video above, Kennedy answers this question – “Corporations do not want democracy; they want profits.”