News out of NC – Chamberlin’s Law update and raid on alleged puppy mil

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North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare (NCVAW) is trying rallying North Carolina residents behind the effort to enact Chamberlin’s Law.

The bill is stuck in the NC House and NCVAW is suggesting members of the House do not want the measure to come up for discussion. The proposed law would increase penalties for neglecting a animal.

It is named after a dog that was found chained to a tree – malnourished and with no water.

The NCVAW has a “Take Action” section on its Chamberlin’s Law page.

And in Zebulon, NC – A breeder of dogs and other animals is facing charges after 200 animals were removed from her home – including adult dogs, puppies, chickens and ducks. quotes Kim Alboum, state director for the Humane Society of the United States as saying – “It’s completely heartbreaking to see what these animals have been through.”

A neighbor called authorities after seeing a animal’s body stuck to a fence and smelling a foul odor coming from the property.

The problem with current laws in states like North Carlina, is that conditions have to get really bad – as in this case – before law enforcement can step in.