Anti-horse slaughter bill introduced in US Senate

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A bill with bipartisan support has been introduced that if passed will amend to the Horse Protection Act to prohibit the sale and transport of horses outside the US for human consumption.

If the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act becomes law, as I understand it, it will be illegal to slaughter horses in the US and it will be illegal to transport them outside the US for slaughter for their meat, for human consumption.

The Animal Law Coalition is supporting the bill and lists the following fallacies about horses –

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Most Common Fallacies: (1) Horses going to slaughter are old and are infirm. The USDA has estimated that 92.3% of the horses going to slaughter are healthy, sound, and in “good” condition.

(2) Without slaughtering, we will have up to 100,000 unwanted horses. Some horses that end up at slaughter are stolen or sold to “killer-buyers” unwittingly or illegally. In 1998, when California banned horse slaughter, horse theft went down by 34%. Horse owners will buy some of these horses, horse rescue facilities will absorb some, and others will be humanely euthanized.

(3) It is expensive to euthanize and dispose of a horse. The average cost for humane euthanasia and disposal of a horse is approximately $225, which is about the same amount as one month’s care. Ninety percent of the horses that die each year are humanely euthanized and/or safely disposed, so this additional ten percent is not a burden. Brutal slaughter is not an appropriate alternative.

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The organization also reports two of three Americans think horse slaughter is “unnecessary and inhumane.”

One of the defenses I seen for horse slaughter over the years centers on the over-population of horses and what will happen to them without slaughter and without enough people to care for the homeless horses.

So instead of correcting the problem on the front end – the over-breeding of horses that is creating the over-population – some people are promoting an inhumane solution for the problem in the back end. It just doesn’t make sense. Correcting a problem with cruelty is illogical and lacks compassion.

It’s time to make the horse-racing industry and other entities that are over-breeding to take full responsibility. As is the case for homeless dogs and cats, the people responsible should pay up, as opposed to the homeless animals paying with their lives.