Cat rescuer wins tax case against IRS

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A cat rescuer in Oakland, Calif. recently won her case in Tax Court against the IRS, meaning she can take deductions for the cost of care for the felines she rescues.

Fix Our Ferals is an IRS-approved charity, according to a story published by the Wall Street Journal. The article notes she deducted $12,068 in expenses for “food, veterinarian bills, litter, a portion of utility bills, and other items such as paper towels and garbage bags.”

Jan Van Dusen represented herself in court because she could not afford an attorney – but she won. And this case – apparently – might pave the way for others volunteers with registered charities to take their expenses off on their taxes.

I think it’s more than reasonable. I think it’s far more reasonable than giving so many millions and billions in tax breaks to huge corporations.