Video: Rescued cow reunited with calf

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I received a link this morning to this very touching video produced by the Gentle Barn.

A rescue cow was desperately missing her calf. When the Gentle Barn volunteers realized this, they went back to site of the rescue to get the calf and reunite it with mom.

The video imbed link failed to work, so go to this link to view it and come back here for the second video explaining the mission of Gentle Barn.

This is yet another example of self-awareness and emotion in animals.

Gentle Barn rescues abused and neglected animals and rehabilitates them. The group also brings in troubled teens and disabled adults for therapy with the animals.

For more information on the group, go to

One thought on “Video: Rescued cow reunited with calf

  1. That was so touching! Just so blessedly beautiful!! Thanks for posting this!

    Tears. Happy tears.

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