PM News Pack – animal cruelty, new NY legislation and royal couple urged not to attend stampede

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Looks like I’ll need to Pack up the news more often – as a regular feature – in an effort to get more news on the blog.

The Humane Society of the US is praising the New York state legislature for voting to strengthen laws against animal fighting. The bill ups the penalties for attending an animal fight.

Hopefully, Gov. Cuomo will sign the bill into law very soon. reports currently the NY laws make “attending an animal fight is just a traffic-ticket style violation that many animal fighters simply consider the cost of doing business.”

The Calgary Sun newspaper is upset with the Vancouver Humane Society because the organization is urging Prince William and his new wife Kate not to attend the Calgary Stampede when they visit Canada in July.

Of course, I’m sure the Calgary Sun fails to mention the suffering inflicted in the stampede.

On the subject of horses, a Maryland woman is facing 100 animal cruelty charges for the situation uncovered on her alleged illegal horse-breeding farm.

And in Caldwell County, NC, a dog kennel owner has been hit with 104 counts of animal cruelty. In a raid last week, 276 dogs were found living is horrible conditions, as reported by WCNC.

The story notes the dogs were “suffering from serious infections, were living in dirty cages stacked atop one another.” But it is being suggested that the owner will most-likely not face jail time.