More on the pollution connection from natural-gas fracking

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Wells in Bradford County, Pa. have been found to contain pollution from a blowout at a natural gas drilling operation nearby.

The EPA did some testing and discovered polluted wells but it will predictably act slowly in response to the findings. After all, profit has to be the first priority – right? I mean. all those donations to politicians have to be taken into account, first and foremost.

Check out the smirk on this ExxonMobil geologist’s face as he talks about how safe and great natural gas fracking is. I can’t turn the TV on without seeing this ad.

Has anyone else noticed how many TV and radio ads are running from corporations that are nothing more than self-promotions for how great they are and how environmental sound they are and how many jobs they produce?

It’s like the real message is – ‘We supply jobs so we get to do whatever we want.’ Some companies still run ads explaining how great their products are. Others – those that pollute or torture animals or engage in unhealthy practices – feel the need to spread propaganda about how great they are.

And as we see so often, people and wildlife have to take a back seat to what is best for corporate giants. In Bradford County, Pa. the folks there will have to wait for more testing. So maybe they should just hold off on the showers and making coffee or cooking – for just a few more months or more – while in some fancy office somewhere, some suits at Big Gas and the EPA figure out how to twist this story.

Hey, the kids will be alright as long as ExxonMobil is recording record profits each quarter – right?

Anytime Big Oil or Big Gas or Big Coal produces a TV ad telling the world how safe its processes are, you can bet it’s Opposite Day in the office.
Whether its polluting the groundwater with fracking or blowing up a chain of beautiful mountains to get to the coal, for these corporatio­ns it’s all about PROFIT. And it has VERY LITTLE to do with the health and welfare of those regular people or the nearby wildlife who suffer the consequenc­es.

It’s sad to think that some people actually trust Big Oil, Big Gas and Big Coal to engage in safe practices. These entities put far more into producing propaganda than they do into protecting the environmen­t.

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