Puppy mills continue to get free passes on violations

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Another article about another breeder with repeated violations – who has been given pass and after free pass after free pass – arrived on the Pack News Wire last night.

This Pennsylvania breeder has been cited nine times since November of last year, according to court records referenced by Lancaster Online. An inspection by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Dog Law Enforcement Bureau on June 17 discovered another failed inspection.

But with all this on the books, Dog Law Enforcement is giving the breeder another chance to fix ventilation problems and modify flooring. In the meantime, the dogs continue to suffer.

The odor in one building reportedly was so bad inspectors had to wear respirator masks.

On January 28 an “” inspection turned up a number of violations, including dirty food and water dishes, accumulated cobwebs and rodent droppings, rusted fencing and dogs with “dental disease [and] eye and ear infections.” “”

The breeder pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of “failure to keep a kennel in a sanitary and humane condition.” The punishment – $492 in fines and court costs. People get fined more for littering.
It is in rare cases when a slap in the wrist works. It doesn’t work in assault cases or drunk driving or theft cases. The slap on the wrist is one reason why we see so many repeat offenders in these cases and more. And it’s why we see so many repeat offenses out of each puppy mill, before in some cases something is finally done to shut it down.