Florida county regulates tethering and caging of dogs

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Florida’s Palm Beach County gets a Pack of Compassion Award for enacting an anti-tethering ordinance and for regulating the size of outdoor enclosures for dogs. The new regulations went into effect Friday.

Dogs can only be tethered when supervised and at shows. Cages must be at least 80 square feet and the temperatures inside the housing should not exceed 85 degrees. Fines can be as much as $500 for a third offense.

UPI.com notes a representative for a hunters’ group told the South Florida Sun Sentinel it was against the cage sizes, suggesting some hunters might give away or abandon their dogs – rather than meet the cage requirements.

A hunter who would abandons his or her dogs should not be allowed to have dogs. For others, these new regulations are minimal at best and are in the best interests of the dogs. Of course, dogs should be living inside with the family.

The only problem I have with these new law is level of fines. They should be much higher, especially for repeat offenses.