Horrible bill in the US Congress would place moratorium on Endangered Species listings

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Mike Simpson (R-ID) is the chairman of the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee and according to Defenders of Wildlife he is out to bring the listing of new species to the Endangered Species List to a screeching halt.

A statement from Defenders of Wildlife President Rodger Schlickeisen notes the Interior Department funding bill being pushed by Simpson “takes an ax to countless environmental provisions aimed at protecting our public lands, water, and wildlife.”

Schlickeisen also rightfully states – The (Endangered Species) Act is one of our nation’s most successful conservation laws and a prime example of good stewardship at work. Working with local communities and stakeholders, the Act has successfully saved animals like the bald eagle and grizzly bear from extinction and protected countless other species for future generations.”

This on-going effort to gut protections for wildlife and wildlife habitat is the work of powerful forces who wish to mow down anything in their path to get any resources that will expand corporate profits. These people put profit above wildlife, the future and the health and welfare of residents in these areas.

Will we ever reach a point where greed has to take a back seat to compassion?