Wyoming representative wants to strip protections for wolves

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A special PACK OF PUTRID PUNDITRY AWARD tonight goes to U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.).

She is pushing hard to remove Endangered Species protections for wolves in the state of Wyoming. And she will try any trick in the book (or out of the book) to do so.

Her latest bit of trickery is to legislate protection for any agreement the state and federal government might make to delist the state’s roughly 300 wolves. She wants to make sure any such agreement cannot be challenged in court.

In other words – take the power away from the people and hand it to the special interests, by making sure the desires of the special interests are protected from the will of the people.

Trib.com reports – “” Wyoming has been fighting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for years to accept the state’s wolf management plan and remove the animals in the state from the federal endangered species list. “”

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Fish and Wildlife director Dan Ashe were scheduled to meet with Gov. Matt Mead last Thursday to discuss a possible compromise agreement. That doesn’t sound like such good news for wolves either.

Hopefully, even if the Lummis’ attack on wolves makes it out of the House, it won’t get any play at all in the US Senate.

From what I’m reading, Lummis ranks as one of the most anti-animal elected officials in the nation. Last month, she tried unsuccessfully (thank goodness) to tack to a pro-horse slaughter amendment to an agriculture budget bill.

She is working overtime to make sure horses and wolves suffer. Why? – because it is in the best interest of the special interests she wholeheartedly supports.