Unbelievable – Icelandic whalers to offer the experience for tourists

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I read this story on the Guardian website with complete disbelief. Icelandic whalers will be offering trips to sea for tourists to experience whaling, in hopes of winning people over on the issue.

This compares to the possibility that dog fighting operations might offer free tickets to tourists, to win them over to betting on or taking part in that barbaric practice.

So these whalers believe that having people see first-hand how brutal whaling is will be good for their side? The Guardian article explains the tourists will get to “hear harpoons being fired, touch a whale tail, inspect the internal organs of whales and sit down for a tasty meal of blubber and whale meat with the captain.”

How out of touch can some people be? Even puppy mill operators know they have keep the public and the media off their property – or risk exposing the cruelty hidden behind closed doors.

One quote in the story from a whaler suggests the people will want to do some whale-watching. But on the dark side, it is also noted that the standard whale-watching industry in Iceland has led to an increase in the desire for whale meat meals in its restaurants.

So are people really going out on the ocean to say, “Oh, look at the beautiful whales – now let’s go eat them into extinction.”? I hope that can’t be right.

One thought on “Unbelievable – Icelandic whalers to offer the experience for tourists

  1. I think factory farms and slaughter houses should offer tours.

    I also think it would be interesting to have pictures of animals being slaughtered on packages of meat. Like they are doing with cigarette packages and cancer patients.

    Truth in labeling. Nothing like a good dose of reality

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