Interesting article on designer-breed dogs

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Bloomberg Businessweek has an interesting article out on designer breeding versus the AKC types.

It seems the more traditional (if we can call it that) breeders are coming up against those who are selling mixes such as the labradoodle and others.

It is somewhat disturbing to read that the designer breeders have grown from about 40 in the US a decade ago to thousands today, who are feeding what the article suggests is a “growing demand.”

So the old-school breeders are not liking this trend at all, as Peter Savodnik reports for Bloomberg. And he includes some VERY interesting quotes –

A basset-hound breeder was quoted as saying – “The designer dogs, until they are established and recognized as a breed, are mutts.

ANSWER – No – Let’s get real here. All dogs are distant relatives to the wolf. They are all mutts. Sure, breeders have artificially changed appearances and physical traits through breeding. But these changes are artificial. We love our rescued bassets and rescued greyhounds and rescued mutts. But the purebreds are no more and no less than the mutts out there – designer or not.

The basset breeder was also quoted as saying – “If you’re doing everything right, – you’re not making money. The people with the designer breeds are looking for the moneymaking venture.”

ANSWER – Interesting admission here. And I would say this statement is correct, because the time, effort, record-keeping and health research it should take to do everything right probably cuts into the bottom line for quality breeders.

Another breeder says – “You’d think that the AKC is all for dogs being healthy, but they’re not. All they care about is their registration fees. AKC makes a lot of money off breeders.”

WOW! – And this coming from a breeder.

And then an AKC spokesperson states the designer breeds are not breeds and says it takes many generations to create a breed. This coming from an organization that has of late admitted that it is merely a registry with no guarantees on quality for the breeders who register through it.

How can we make the folks who are still paying so much for designer pets or for “registered” pets understand that rescue dogs and cats are THE best option and are the best pets?