Incredible video of a grateful whale freed from a large fishing net

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The video is a bit over eight minutes long but it’s worth every second, showing the rescue of a humpback whale entangled in a large fishing net.

Once the people finally free the whale and it is finally able to swim freely, it puts on a show for its rescuers. Whales are intelligent beings and it is clearly grateful that it is able to swim again.

What a compassionate group of people we see in the video, who just happened along the struggling whale in their small boat. They saved a life, notably in this case the life of an endangered species.

Yet, on the other side of the coin we have nations such as Japan and Iceland that are pushing for the eradication of whales from the face of the Earth – for short-term profit.

One thought on “Incredible video of a grateful whale freed from a large fishing net

  1. I was immensely touched by the fearless determination of such compassionate people and the knowledge and understanding of such an overwhelmingly powerful and greaceful creature, patiently allowing them to help. What a wonderful place the world would be, if there were more such people. Thank you, thank you very much for what you’d done.

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