Genetic experiments yield glowing beagle, with disturbing possibilities

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Scientists at the Seoul National University Hospital for Animals in Korea have developed a genetically-altered beagle that glows in under ultraviolet light. The studies are reportedly focusing on health benefits in human medicine, such as new techniques for tracking diseases.

But a very disturbing quote is included at the end of an article on the Discovery News website. Chemyong Jay Ko, an associate professor in the College of Health Sciences at the University of Kentucky, offers another take in a possible byproduct of this research.

Ko is quoted as saying the “technology could be used for producing a variety of unique cats and dogs, possibly creating a new area of commercial interest.”

What a horrible statement. So we have millions of homeless dog and cats dying in shelters every year and out-of-control puppy-mill breeding. But this individual, who should be acting responsibly as a scientist, is promoting the breeding and sale of “unique cats and dogs” who glow in the dark.

Ko statement is more than deserving of a Pack of Putrid Punditry Award.