Report: Oil leaking into North Sea from Shell oil rig

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Shell oil company has confirmed oil has been leaking from one of its oil rigs in the North Sea, but officials won’t say how much has been leaking. I wonder why?

The Guardian out of the UK quotes a Shell spokesman as saying “we are managing an oil leak.” Where have we heard all this before? Where did the amount of a leak come into question and when did we recently recently read quotes from another oil company about how well they were managing leak?

Oh yeah – the BP Gulf Oil Gusher. You know, even celebrities who have been found to be cheating on their wives eventually come out and admit they were totally wrong in their actions. Even if they are not sincere, they come to the microphone, hang their head in shame and admit it.

But these Big Oil execs and the elected officials who bow down to them just can’t bring themselves to admit when they’re wrong. Every time they talk about how safe and clean and eternally holy oil drilling in the ocean is, something like this happens to prove them wrong.

Instead of stepping to the mic and admitting they were wrong when they say oil leaks rarely if ever happen, they instead go right on acting as if they never said anything that wasn’t true. It would be like me predicting every spring for the past 50 years that my Chicago Cubs were going to win the World Series. And when they never do, I just act as though I was right all along.

The Big Oil strategy is to act like they’re right, even in the face of being completely wrong about spills. They don’t really care, because they’ve bought so many politicians. And they’ve got a huge propaganda machine working overtime, featuring TV ads and talking heads.