Video: Be a Guardian, not an ‘owner’

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I really love the message in this video by In Defense of Animals. The message is – be a guardian, not an owner.

I too believe we need to spread this message, that we are guardians to our companion animals. We should not consider ourselves their ‘owners.’

I’ve heard the argument that we need to maintain this idea of ownership, otherwise people can come along and take our pets away, because we don’t “own” them.

This is completely warped logic. Could someone take your kids away because you don’t own them? What we need is a legal standing for animals higher than that of possessions we own.

If we establish pets as family members who we adopt and become guardians for, then they should have a higher level of protection, from abuse or theft or anything of this order. We need to spread this message and change this false mindset that tells some people that animals are worth little or nothing more than our cars or furniture.

2 thoughts on “Video: Be a Guardian, not an ‘owner’

  1. Great post. Interestingly, my new health insurance company is offering pet insurance as an add-on. Perhaps they recognize that some people treat them as family members and not something to be “owned”.

  2. I’ve long and only semi-jokingly referred to people with pets as their “employers.” There are a number of problems with the word “owner,” including the notion that a pet is mere property (which, unfortunately, is how the law often treats the relationship). Something with thoughts, feelings, and self-awareness is not the same as a toy or an appliance. “Guardian” might not be the ideal word, but I can’t think of a better one.

    (Which reminds me: visiting one of my brother’s dogs recuperating at a vet clinic, I was referred to as the dog’s “uncle.” I asked if his children would be referred to as the dog’s brothers and sisters, and they said probably so.)

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