News Alert: The dog-fighting app is back

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Sadly, the developer of a dog-fighting app game is reintroducing the monstrosity to the market, under the name – KG Dogfighting.

The anonymous developer told Fox News recently that he’s an animal lover who wants to bring attention to horrors of dog fighting. But the description of the game – including shootouts with law enforcement and injecting dogs with steroids and training the virtual dogs to fight – offers a much different take on the reality of it.

Kage Games (not surprised by the company name that has released this game) reports the app has reached nearly a quarter-million downloads. That is truly a sad statement concerning where we are as a society – or at least where some people are in our society.

We’ve really got to get into the schools and churches and anywhere possible with compassion education. Too many kids are being bombarded with negative and violent images – on TV, in the movies and on the Web. The message is – anything goes, with no consequences, no matter what pain and suffering is inflicted on others.

We need positive messages of compassion going out to more kids, to counteract these horrible messages they’re getting elsewhere.