Protest planned near the White House on the topic of tar sands pipeline

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Protesters are planning large demonstrations outside the White House, to draw attention to the proposed tar sand pipeline. The 1,600-mile pipeline would transport oil from the tar sands of Alberta down to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Guardian out of the UK reports – “” Greenhouse gas emissions of tar sands crude are 40% higher than conventional oil, and the open-pit mining has devastated Alberta’s boreal forest. “”

Scheduled to begin today, the protests are being called the “biggest green civil disobedience campaign in a generation.”

But Big Oil will probably continue to pat itself on the back for projects like this and spew propaganda about how safe and it clean the process is.

Ugly greed has dug itself so deep into our corporate and political systems. Facts and science no longer seem to matter. And certainly for the Big Oil types and the politicians who support them – wildlife, the environment and the well being of future generations matter very little.

Which brings me to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is under attack of late. I will have a Special Sunday Commentary posted here tomorrow on this subject.