The EPA serves a vital role in protecting humans and animals

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The Environmental Protection Agency was founded in 1970, under a proposal from President Richard Nixon. In the past, the EPA has garnered support from all around the political spectrum.

But of late, we’ve seen a handful of politicians suggesting the EPA should lose much of its regulatory bite. At least one has suggested a moratorium on regulations.

These individuals fail to understand the implications of stifling the work of the EPA or dismantling regulations that protect the environment and wildlife habitat. No doubt, as is the case for many governmental agencies, the EPA could probably stand some efficiency improvements. But its regulations, for the most part, are extremely important.

Jobs seem to be the primary excuse for hamstringing this agency. But this is a smokescreen for the hidden agenda – more profit for big corporation who pollute and put profit over the health and welfare of the public, wildlife and our collective future.

Let’s be clear that I am not talking about all industries, just the ones that might prefer the EPA disappear. I wonder why some corporations might want to gut regulations that work to cut down on pollution in our water and air. Correction – We don’t have to wonder. We know why.

We can’t support short-term profit over long-term, devastating impacts on the environment. And when jobs from clean industries are an option – and they are – we can’t let polluting industries always hide behind TV ads claiming jobs as an excuse for polluting.

The national media outlets regularly fail to report on two of the greatest dangers our nation faces today – greed and the power some corporations hold over elected officials – Democrats and Republicans.

I fear that if a few politicians get their way now, there will come a day that I might be writing about the terrible consequences, where the environment and the economy are suffering because the short-sighted among us got their way.