Video: “The Dirty Truth” about Canada’s tar sands

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On a scale of importance of 1 to 10, this video is a 10.

Once again, we see an example of corporations infiltrating a government and basically pulling the strings that guide elected officials. We see it happening in the United States and it is happening in Canada as well – in this case of tar sands and in the Canadian government’s support – full support – of the brutal beating death of thousands of seal pups each year.

As Ross Perot might put it, that sucking sound from the Canadian tar sands is rising profit for oil companies, in conjunction with the death of wildlife and the degradation of the Boreal Forest of Alberta.

And that is only part of this horror story.

It’s all in the name of profit. Some people are concerned about socialism. We are far from socialism when corporations have for a long time held such an extreme level of power over the US House, US Senate and the Presidency.

The reality is this – corporatism has taken hold and the grasp around the government’s neck is getting tighter. Far too many elected officials are guided by campaign contributions – as opposed to what is best for the American people. And Canada is living under this corporate control as well.

National media outlets that lean to the conservative and liberal sides and down the middle ignore this topic fro the most part. Where we used to have a free-standing media that had a mission of ripping the scab off areas of government and corporate evils that badly needed to be exposed, now there are areas the national media won’t venture.