Bachmann completely wrong about the EPA

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I really don’t like stepping into politics here on the Pack Mentality Blog. But if anyone from any area of the political spectrum makes statements that directly step into the realm of animal welfare or environmental protection – I’m certainly not going to ignore it.

I’ve slammed Ken Salazar for targeting wolves – and other boneheaded anti-environmental or anti-animal moves by the Obama administration. Today, it’s presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, who thinks the doors to the Environmental Protection Agency should be locked down.

Bachmann believes the EPA is a “job killer.” Actually, environmental protection not only has been a job creator, but it is extremely important to the health and welfare of our kids, grandkids and future generations.

The EPA was created under a Republican administration with full support from both sides. What has changed in the last four decades? – Greed is on the increase.

Who are the major players behind the headlines who want to gut protections for the environment? – Those with profits to gain. Profits are fine. But not when the health, welfare and future of our children are at risk, we can’t allow greed to win the day.

The corporations that are pushing to gut these protections do provide jobs. That’s a good thing. But we can’t put job creation for a sector of industry over damaging the health and welfare of people or the environment or important wildlife habitat.

Why not push for job creation with clean, innovative industries?

IF jobs for one particular sector of the economy are more important than the health of kids or their future, then why not just allow the use asbestos again in homes? I’m sure asbestos production created jobs. Or why not allow freely allow lead in paint or other materials?

It seems in some areas, we have seen important bans placed on products that pollute or are a threat to human health. But in other areas, the polluters are too powerful to allow this to happen.

The latest news out of the Bachmann camp is that she wants to open up the Florida Everglades to oil drilling, if it can be done without harming the environment. But wait, without the EPA I guess she thinks Big Oil will oversee what might be harming the environment.

We haven’t seen enough in the way of safe environmental practices in areas such as drilling in the Gulf of Mexico – with the EPA. Without the EPA, what would we see?

The translation for Bachmann statements clearly suggest she wants to gut protections for the environment so that more CEOs in Big Oil can watch more profit roll in the front door.

It is extremely important to note that oil in the ground is money in the bank for Big Oil and we’re not going to see alternative energy sources pushed to the forefront until they’ve drained that bank dry.