Writer doesn’t mince words on topic of animal emotion

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The Huffington Post ran an editorial Monday from Ari Solomon, who in no uncertain terms challenges anyone who doesn’t understand that animals have feelings.

His language might be a bit dicey for some readers at a couple of points, but he’s making a point – and a strong one.

Solomon makes a great point here – “” It’s always fascinated me that scientists will say that animals are so much like us that we should use them in laboratory tests, but so much not like us that we needn’t concern ourselves with their suffering. How’s that for convenient hypocrisy? “”

(Note – That’s some scientists who might say that.) It is an important point to make and does expose hypocrisy.

And he writes about anthropomorphizing and notes (again without mincing words) that people who accuse us of doing so are flat wrong – as we say in the South.

Animals do indeed have feelings. We know at least in the way of dogs, cats, pigs, horses – in this range and above and below – can experience joy and suffering. Any animal with self-awareness and a state of consciousness can experience emotion and we should not inflict suffering on these animals.