For greyhound guardians: Their blood pressure can be off the charts at vet’s office

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Dr. Guillermo Couto of Ohio State University, one of the most respected researchers of greyhound health in the nation, has released findings from studies on blood pressure in rescued racers.

(I try not to use the phrase “retired” when I discuss greyhounds, because it makes it sound like it was their choice to race and then retire.)

Dr. Couto has found that a greyhound’s blood pressure can skyrocket off the scale when they are being examined at vet’s office. But it seems this is not necessarily an automatic cause for concern.

Here’s a LINK to more information about his findings.

One interesting tidbit near the end of the article – “” Couto, an oncologist, is leading a number of studies on these animals to gauge the effects of racing on their health, as well as likely genetic contributions to their high risk for bone cancer. “”

Ex-racers have the highest rate of osteosarcoma of any breed of dog. Yet – the pro-racing crowd always tries to suggest the racing industry has such great breeding practices. – Not hardly.