AM News Pack: Topics – Ferret mills, elephants, tethering

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ONE – Every time I go into a pet-supply store and see guinea pigs, rabbits or ferrets, I wonder about the supplier of those animals. Do any of these facilities compare to puppy mills?

Well … predictably, I don’t have good news in this area. The Associated Press is reporting on a ferret breeding facility in Pennsylvania, where “an undercover investigator found hundreds of ill, injured and neglected animals living in inhumane and unsanitary conditions.”

TWOA LA Times editorial is calling for an end to elephant rides at the Los Angeles County Fair. The Humane Society of the US supports this call for a ban.

And of course, it’s long past time for a world-wide ban on elephants and other animals in circuses. Humanity Through Education is quoted in a story posted on the San Jose Mercury News website. The article reports on a planned protest of a Ringling Bros. performance in Oakland, Calif.

“” Humanity Through Education, a national animal protection organization, published pictures of baby elephants laying down on the floor with all four of their legs stretched out. To get them to do that, the elephants’ legs are tied with ropes, stretched out, and then they are dropped to the ground by trainers pulling on the ropes. The organization said baby elephants are wild animals, and to train them to do circus tricks they must be broke, by forcibly taking the babies from their mothers before they are weaned, and chaining them 23 hours a day while hitting them with bull hooks. “”

THREE – I received this quote via Facebook from the Nitro Foundation –

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ~ Albert Einstein.

FOUR – A dog in New London, Conn. was rescued after being found hanging outside a car window from its leash. Apparently, the dog was tethered inside the car, with the window down enough to allow the dog to jump out.

The dog’s “guardian” was charged with animal cruelty and illegal tethering.

And the story also reports on a New Jersey Yorkshire terrier that died after being tied off to the headrest of a minivan, while the family dined in a local restaurant.

The only good news I could find out of this article is the fact that New London, Conn. has joined the ranks of communities that have tethering ordinances. So New London and the officer who responded to the call get a Pack of Justice Award.