Jobs, yes – but at what cost?

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Big Oil and Big Coal have taken to spreading some really expensive and extensive propaganda that translates to – ‘let us pollute, destroy nature and wipe out wildlife populations as we see fit, because we supply jobs.’

We need the jobs and certainly the country needs far more jobs. But why can’t our great country, at this time of fantastic technological advancements, turn more to clean jobs? Why does it have to be this false choice, where job creation is presented to the public like a hostage inside a bank robbery. (Imagery comparison intended)

The latest issue at hand is natural gas ‘fracking’ – where chemicals are injected into rock formations below the surface to free up the gas within. The fracking chemicals pollute groundwater.

Protesters are out in force in Philadelphia, Pa. this week to speak out against this practice and put the brakes on its invasion of the state. CNN reports New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Quebec have imposed limited fracking bans – along with Germany, France and South Africa – until more studies can be conducted on the safety of drilling with these methods.

The watershed in the Marcellus Shale region, which CNN reports includes eight states, supplies drinking water for 15 million people. But Big Oil wants us trust it. Forget the Gulf Oil Gusher Disaster and every other environmental tragedy over the years.

And just this week, ran a story about the explosion of a natural gas rig in Watonga, Okla.

So do we trust Big Oil or Big Coal to protect the health and welfare of people or the environment or protect wildlife populations? No – a vast percentage of Americans are (or should be) smarter than that.