AM Pack-Line Headlines: Topics – Endangered Species, animal welfare, seals

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ONE – I have not been alone in treehugger circles in criticizing the Obama Administration for previous stands on wildlife issues, for example the removal of important protections for wolves. But some good news out of the administration was being reported over the weekend.

A host of new species could soon gain new protections under the Endangered Species Act. Of course, there are still budget problems that could spell trouble for acting on the protections for all of the animals in need of protection.

TWO – Actress Elaine Hendrix, possibly best-known for her role in the film “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion,” is one of the founders of the Animal Rescue Corps.

The more high-profile people we have drawing attention to animal-welfare issues, the better.

THREE – The Canadian Press is reporting a Canadian adversary panel is urging the nation’s Fisheries Minister to approve the killing of 70 per cent of grey seals over the next five years – or 140,000 – in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Once again, we see people who lack logical thought processes deciding that death is the only way to solve a problem. Fortunately, scientists, environmentalists and conservation groups are reporting the move is not based on science – and is in fact based on politics.