IFAW names Leonardo DiCaprio global ambassador

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Leonardo DiCaprio has been named as the global ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Animal Action campaign“Elephants, Never Forget.”

I gotta hand it to DiCaprio, he certainly has taken to heart a number of environmental and animal causes. His first mission in this new role is to raise awareness concerning the ivory trade and its threat to elephant populations.

The ivory trade was banned in 1989, but it has barely slowed down the evil poachers who continue to send elephants closer to extinction. But the poachers exist because clueless and sick individuals continue to buy ivory products.

The Earth Times reports an estimated 1.3 million elephants roamed the Earth in 1979. That number has dropped to around half a million today.

For more information about this and other important campaigns by the IFAW, go to this LINK.