PM Pack-Line Headlines: Topics – puppy mills, tame deer shooting in NC, wildlife habitat

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ONE – Alleged puppy mill operator charged in Kentucky

A woman in Kentucky faces 46 counts of animal cruelty after officials seized 118 dogs from her mobile home. Officials with the Rowan County animal shelter note “the dogs were found in filthy and dangerous living conditions” according to an article posted on

TWO – Petition number growing for investigation into deer shooting

A petition has amassed 20,000 signatures from 45 countries, calling for an investigation into the shooting of nine tame deer on a rehabilitation farm in Randolph County, NC.

From the press release I received this morning –

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“I can’t believe how much support we’ve gotten,” said Millie Bowling, a local resident who started the campaign on, the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change. “At the same time, North Carolina should be ashamed — and it sounds like tens of thousands all over the world agree.”

On September 20, armed wildlife commission agents stormed Wayne Kindley’s rehabilitation farm and shot and killed the nine tame deer on his property. Wildlife agents claimed to have a warrant to kill the deer in order to test for chronic wasting disease. Test results for all nine deer have since returned negative for the disease.

Last week, residents attended a public wildlife commission meeting and were told they could not speak. At that meeting, local resident Jo Henderson delivered more than 7,000 signatures. This issue has spurred outrage in the small town and Bowling’s campaign has been extensively covered by local media and the Associated Press.

“We want the governor to step in and find out what happened,” said Jo Henderson, who raised one of the fawns killed on Kindley’s farm. “Those deer should have never been killed, and we won’t stop until this is investigated.”

Wayne Kindley, who has been operating his farm for more than thirty years, will appear in court on Tuesday for operating without the proper license. Campaign leaders and supporters will attend the hearing.

“It has been incredible to watch Millie mobilize people in her community and beyond,” said Corinne Ball,’s director of organizing. “With tens of thousands joining the call for an investigation, it’s clear the anger over this incident is widespread.”

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THREE – Agreement will preserve Heart of Borneo region of Indonesia

A new agreement signed September 29 between the United States and Indonesian governments will help preserve a large tract of forest in the Heart of Borneo region.

FOUR – Pet store chain announces end to puppy sales

Jack’s Pets, which has 27 stores in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, has announced it has stopped the sale of puppies. The stores will now begin working with local shelters and rescue organizations to provide space for adoptions.