Monday Commentary: The most wonderful time of the year

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Again – with a blog such as this, focusing on serious topics and issues, things can get bogged down (or blogged down) in the negative. But as we draw closer to the heart of the holiday season, it can’t be a bad thing to focus on the positives as much as possible.

This is the time for family and friends, both human and furry (although I’m kinda furry too), and both quadruped and biped (and no-ped – snakes and such). While our family’s band of rescues can be kookie at times, the snuggles and licks and playtime are all priceless. And the feeling is warmer this time of the year.

We enjoy watching holiday movies with them and sharing quality time. And each December, if we have a new rescue in the family, we head out to the local mall on the designated night for pet photos with Santa.

I long ago got past the Christmas-is-too-commercial complaint. The holidays are what we make them. So I enjoy seeing the displays going up in the stores and I start listening to Christmas music once the calendar changes over to November. Let others be too commercial with it, not me.

On the sad side, I do think often about the homeless pets who need a warm home (through temperature and compassion) this time of year – and all year long. I think about kids who who don’t have homes or families.

So if you have an opening in your heart or on the sofa, please consider adopting a homeless pet. Now would be a great time to offer a very special gift to a lonely dog or cat.