Good news and bad news out of Canada

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I believe the Canadian people are great – aye. The Canadian government, on the other hand, engages in some really messed up policies. And as is the case far too often in the US government, elected officials there seem to be locked into doing the bidding of corporate Canada and Big Oil – over what is best for the people, the environment and wildlife.

The good news out of Canada this week comes from an odd source – Russia. reports the International Fund for Animal Welfare has obtained a document that states the Russian Federation has banned has the importation of all harp seal pelts.

Russia has been the largest market for seal pelts. This could be a great victory for baby seals and could mean vast numbers could be saved from the brutal hunts that take place each year, where the babies are clubbed to death. It’s a sick industry and it’s long past time to shut it down.

But the Canadian government is fighting the recent European ban on seal products and will probably try to overturn this ban. Some elected officials for the nation are basically saying – “How dare you not support our massive efforts to brutally beat baby seals to death each year.”

CTA noted – “the Department of International Trade said in an email that the federal government is committed to defending the sealing industry.” – Pretty sick stuff.

The CTA article also include this – “” When the spring hunt concluded last year, federal officials said the season was one of the worst on record with only 38,000 seals slaughtered — less than 10 per cent of the allowable catch. “”

“Only 38,000” – and that’s less than 10 percent of the number the government wants to torture to death each year.

Unfortunately, Canada is trying to finalize a deal with China. Hopefully, that won’t happen.

The more I reread the post to this point, the more I consider the level of good news it represents. But let’s move on to the bad news.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is warning the United States that he’ll take his toys (oil) and sell them to Asian markets if the US doesn’t allow the Keystone Pipeline to run down through the US to the Gulf of Mexico. Harper made this clear in an interview with CTV News.

The pipeline will carry tar sands oil, which is devastating to the environment. The Natural Resources Defense Council has a report posted on its website about the safety risk to the United States. And the National Wildlife Federation highlighted a new report about the risks to the Great Lakes from tar sands pipelines.

And the Battle Creek Enquirer ran a story on December 1 about the hazards of tar sands oil. These are just a few examples. And then there is the terrible impact on forests in Canada.

But Prime Minister Stephen “Crybaby” Harper is threatening to take his nation’s oil sales as a whole to China and elsewhere. So if we don’t let him ship his nasty tar sands oil through the heart of American, he’ll punish us. I think the modern term for this sort of person is “tool” – as in “what a tool.”